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RIP - Beastie Boys' Adam 'MCA' Yauch
The passing of MCA from The Beastie Boys hit music fans very hard.  His contribution to the world of hip-hop was immense.  Here are just a couple of our favorite Beastie Boys songs that feature his intense voice.

Blue Man Group Takes On Lady Gaga
Blue Man Group is re-opening their resident show at Universal Orlando, and today they showed off some updated material.  That includes briefly paying homage to Lady Gaga.

The Muppets and FOX News
After FOX News decided that The Muppets are bad, it was inevitable that someone would ask them about it.  As expected, their answer was honest and hilarious.

Every Doctor Who Regeneration
From Doctor Who at The Proms.  This one for every Doctor Who fan to watch over and over.

Vader Sessions
What happens when you take dialogue from James Earl Jones' movies and add them to scenes from 'Star Wars'?

Group of 8 year-olds play Metallica
Meet The Mini Band

'King Kung Fu
Wait...there's a 70's movie about an ape that knows kung fu called 'King Kung Fu'?!?  Sign us up!

The Foo Fighters Counter-Protest Westboro Baptist Church

Michael Bay Epic Spinning Shot Supercut

Mmmmm....Angry Birds birthday cake

This dad in the U.K. went above and beyond for his kid.  If he's not a pastry chef, he probably will be getting offers soon.

If you want to make one for yourself, he posted the recipe online.  Take the jump here to start making yours.

Portlandia: Dream of the 90s

Fred Armisan is still a bright spot on SNL, but it's been great to see him branch out with his new show Portlandia on IFC.  If you don't know what the show is about, this pretty much explains it all.

Comedian Adam Ray explains what happened with Serene Branson

A favorite of ours, and good friend of POParitaville, Adam Ray has broken down what happened last night after the Grammy's, and now I get it.

Visit Adam at www.AdamRayTV.com

Prince kicks Kim Kardashian offstage

Prince was having his final concert in NY and was pulling ladies out of the audience to dance and have fun with him on stage.  He pulled up Kim K and...well, take a look:

Now everytime I see her I think of Nasim Pedrad from SNL doing her impression.  (See here in the Church Lady sketch.)

Water Jet Pack

Sure, the Super Bowl was fun.  And some of the movie trailers were cool.  But now we need to address bigger things...like when do I get one of these?!?!?

Volkswagon: The Force

Epic Gang Fight

Normally we wouldn't be posting a YouTube gang fight caught on video.  But there's just something about the way the bully is handled at the end that just made smile.

(NSFW Language)

Wedding Speech

Comedian Adam Ray wonders what his speech would have been at the wedding of his best friend and ex-girlfriend.

The biggest action movie ever made!

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Robocop fell in love with The Terminator, who then had an affair with The Matrix and they created a Transformers bastard baby who was made in Bollywood?  Wonder no more kids.  We give you 'Endhiran' (translation 'Robot'):

Yogi Bear alternate ending 

Probably better than what you'll see in theaters.  If you did not see 'The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford', then it might not make sense to you....except that it is AWESOME!

A Life on Facebook

What happens when it's Dad vs. Stepdad?

How about a different take on Harry Potter?

As promised on the POPcast, here is the cast of Harry Potter giving their shot at American accents.

I believe this video speaks, or yells, for itself.

Conan proves that even in commercials he's funnier than....ahh...you've heard this before.

The Greatest Star Wars game (of right now) that's not released yet!

Millennium Falcon AR Test from Josh Shabtai on Vimeo.

Just in time for Halloween?

A dance based on Weekend at Bernie's?!?  WTF?!?!?  

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