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Here you can listen to the latest edition of The POPcast podcast that is sweeping the nation (or at least most of California, New York, South Dakota and parts of Iowa.) But we hear we're big in Australia!  From movies to television, theme parks to video games, gadgets to music; the POP Patrol is here to talk about it...with heavy doses of snark thrown in.

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Episode descriptions -

POPcast SE: Disneyland Secrets - Ep. 3 w/ Chris Gore

Once again, we bring you a special Disneyland Secrets episode of the POPcast.  This time around we celebrate Star Wars Day by heading in to Disneyland to record this episode with special guest Chris Gore (PodCRASH podcast, G4TV).  We discuss the naughty mind of Imagineer's, nudity in The Rescuer's, alcohol in the park, Club 33, Dole Whips, the updated Star Tours, and we show Chris exactly where the infamous Condom Cave is located.  Hang on to your hats and glasses, this here is an episode you do not want to miss.

*This podcast is meant for entertainment and parody purposes.  In no way, shape or form is this authorized, nor endorsed, by The Disneyland Resort, The Walt Disney Co. or it's subsidiaries.

POPcast Ep. 20: Star Wars Day Contest

In this episode, The POP Patrol returns to talk pop culture news.  From Dick Clark to The Avengers, The Dark Knight to the Kardashian's, Comic-Con to 'Fifty Shades of Grey''s an episode you shouldn't miss.  You'll also get details on our Star Wars Day contest and how you can help us decide what costume Heather should wear at Comic-Con this year.  Cover your ears if they're sensitive to adult language.

POPcast Ep. 19: WonderCon 2012

In this episode The POP Patrol welcomes two new members as we discuss WonderCon 2012.  This time The POP Patrol discusses WonderCon's move to Anaheim, the aliens in 'Battleship' wanting our burritos, pink hair, dominatrix dolls, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles becoming aliens and what happens when you put nerds and cheerleaders in the same building.  (*There are some audio problems in this episode.)

POPcast Ep. 18: Oscars

(Naughty Language Ahead) We're back!  In this post-Oscar's episode, the POP Patrol discusses who won,  Billy Crystal, bad jokes, bad presenters, nip-slips, and why Patton Oswalt should host next years Academy Awards.

POPcast SE: Disneyland Secrets - Ep 2

(Potty language ahead) In this special edition of The POPcast we ruin the magic for you once again as we dish out more secrets and answer questions. In this episode we welcome another former Cast Member Laura Dickinson (Phineas and Ferb, Priceline jingle singer) to give a female's perspective and tales. This time we discuss Disney not reading applications, becoming one of the first lady skippers on the Jungle Cruise, taking revenge on ex's, running out in the ride to make guests laugh, cussing in front of guests, Grad Night spiels, insulting Carrie Fisher and ghost stories.

*This podcast is meant for entertainment and parody purposes. In no way, shape of form is this authorized by the Walt Disney Co. or it's subsidiaries.

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POPcast Ep. 17: A New Dope - Star Wars Day

The POP Patrol welcomes our special guest this week, Regina from Comikaze Expo ( In this episode we talk about Geek Girls under attack, virtual hair pulling, setting up a Con, having to prove your geek cred, the internet and Osama, The Avengers script leak, try to figure out the Geek High School hierarchy, and Star Wars Day. In our Star Wars Day discussion we read some of your Star Wars Day memories, discuss our favorite moments, Star Wars in 3D and wonder if the prequels will also stand the test of time. It's deep, it's profound, but most of all it's just silly. Grab a beverage, pull up a chair and join us.

When was the last time you were POPped?

POPcast SE: Disneyland Secrets - Ep. 1

(Naughty Language Ahead) In this special edition of The POPcast, we talk about secrets from the Magic Kingdom. Jungle Jesse brings aboard another ex-Cast Member to share stories from the mouse house while we answer submitted questions. We discuss getting hired, playing practical jokes, kidnapping Skippers right out of a boat full of guests, sex in the park, rats falling in boats, an entire crew accidentally getting high (allegedly)....and this is just episode one! Get ready to have some of the magic ruined as we bring you 'Disneyland Secrets'.

*This podcast is meant for entertainment and parody purposes. In no way, shape of form is this authorized by the Walt Disney Co. or it's subsidiaries.

POPcast 16: WonderCon Wrap Up

(WARNING: There is some strong language and sound problems.) In this episode, The POP Patrol has some drinks and talks about some of the silliness that went down at WonderCon 2011. We find out from Lily Collins (Priest) how she was cast as "Snow White", if Paul Bettany thinks people will be upset at the religious material in 'Priest', what Christian Slater thinks about his new ensemble on 'Breaking In', if there's any truth about Saoirse Ronan (HANNA) being cast in 'The Hobbit', and we try to find out who Mark Sheppard is playing this season on 'Doctor Who'. We also discuss 'The Governator', 'The Hangover II' trailer being pulled and answer some fan questions.

Please accept our apologies for the sound quality of this episode. Rest assured our mic issues have been resolved and all will be fine in the next POPcast.

POPcast 15: Kasey Poteet

(VERY EXPLICIT. No, really.) In this post-Oscar POPcast, The POP Patrol welcomes uber-geek/adult star Kasey Poteet. In this episode we talk Oscar boredom, Oscar tweets, first comics read, Superman casting, DnD, porn geeks, independent porn, pig f***ers, L.A. Noire, dressing in costume to see movies, debate the merits of the the 'Daredevil' movie, and Charlie Sheen's weekend. Just another night chatting with The POP Patrol.

This is a long one, so grab a drink and pull up chair. HUGE thanks to Kasey for joining us and we look forward to having her on more often.

POPcast SE: Kari Ann Peniche and Tony Dimitri Return

In this Special Edition of The POPcast, Kari Ann and Tony return! We discuss Kari's wedding, getting ready to become a mom, basketball hoops in the living room, Tony taking a fashion trip to China, going head to head with Prada, and what happens when the music at your wedding doesn't play. We also talk Oscars, apps and art.

POPcast 14

(Language Warning) In this episode The POP Patrol discusses Comic-Con selling out, Wonder Woman finally cast, Grammy silliness, crazy Bieber fans, chance meeting with GLEE cast members, Banksy in Hollywood, Newsies headed to Jersey, and we wonder why Skiptink keeps taking dramatic pauses. Drinks are had, so grab yours and join us.

POPcast SE: Kyle Hebert

In this special edition of the POPcast, we talk with voice over artist Kyle Hebert.  Kyle has voiced everything from anime (Dragonball Z, Fullmetal Alchemist), to characters in some of your favorite video games (Capcom vs Marvel, Final Fantasy XIII).  We discuss what it's like to bring a character to life, how to get started in the business, and how he became the announcer for 'Hollywood Babble-On' with Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman.

POPcast 13

(Shocker: Language Warning) In this episode The POP Patrol discusses reaction to Ricky Gervais' Golden Globe jokes, Oscar nominations and snubs, CES follow up, and how Jungle Jesse ended up being crowned "Mr. Penis" by Ralph Garman and Kevin Smith during the NYE taping of 'Hollywood Babble-On'. Yup, 2011 has started off in crazy fashion for POParitaville. When was the last time you were POPped? (Special thanks to Kevin and Ralph for allowing us to use clips from the NYE 'HB-O' show.)

POPcast 12: The POPpie Awards

(LANGUAGE WARNING) In this episode, The POP Patrol ends 2010 with cocktails and the First Annual POPpie Awards. They go over the biggest pop culture moments of 2010. From the best movies to theme parks, viral videos to the best tech. Find out what wins the POPpie for Biggest POP Culture Moment of 2010. Oh, and The POP Patrol gets invited to a swingers party in Las Vegas.

To all of our subscribers and listeners, thank you for joining in on the fun and craziness of the POPcast in 2010. We can't wait to take you on a journey through 2011.

POPcast SE: The Force is With Katie

(Believe it or not, there is no foul language this time around.) In this special edition of the POPcast we celebrate 'The Force is With Katie Day'. In this episode we have our favorite fan/geek girl (Natkins) talk to us about what it's like to be a female in the world of geekdom. From collectibles to dressing up for conventions, we hear a girls perspective on how people react to her loving Star Wars. If you listen closely you may even hear Carrie Fisher break out in song on Saturday Night Live.

THE POPcast 11Joe Maddalena

In this episode The POP Patrol geeks out and interviews Joe Maddalena ('Hollywood Treasure' on Syfy) to discuss the shows season finale and their upcoming auction.  We get the scoop on what the Holy Grail of movie memorabilia is and what he thinks happened with the Darth Vader costume that no one bought.  The POP Patrol also discusses murder in Disney's creepy city, Spider-Man stuck on a wire, Monty Python heading to Facebook, the Swedish New Jherk Times, Richard Branson's magazine for the iPad, Muppet Simpsons, Leslie Nielson, Irvin Kershner, going international and trying to become the new morning show in Australia.
THE POPcast 10Laura Dickinson

In this episode the POP Patrol talks with Laura Dickinson of the Disney Channel's Emmy Award winning series 'Phineas and Ferb'. We ask her listener questions and find out what road she took to get there, including a trip down Jungle Cruise lane. We also discuss Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows midnight screenings, Spider-Man on Broadway, Back the Future 25th Anniversary DVD review, The Beatles on iTunes, pirate dinner shows, stunt work, zombies on AMC and wonder exactly what zombiellingus is? *Jungle Jesse messed up the recording and the levels are way off. No, he wasn't drunk...but should have been.*

The POPcast: Comedian Adam Ray

(*Adult Content Ahead*) In this special edition of the POPcast, we interview comedian Adam Ray to find out if Saturday Night Live "borrowed" one of his online sketches. We also discuss how to make pancakes shaped like lady parts, what it's like to be a theme park superhero and how not to react while hosting a show when a contestant throws up on you.
The POPcast 09

In this episode POParitaville welcomes a new member of The POP Patrol, talk about what’s hot at theaters right now, what happened at opening night of Halloween Horror Nights, Barbera Billingsley, the last Harry Potter movies and Warner Bros. saying no to 3D. The POP Patrol also discusses the iPhone coming to Verizon and how we accidentally found out more about it from someone at Verizon.

The POPcast 08
*Naughty language ahead* In this episode The POP Patrol talks about the comedy of Greg Giraldo, why roasting friends is a good thing, September 11th jokes, Star Wars in 3D, movies that scared us at Comic-Con, Oscar nominations, Roger Ebert and Stephen Hawking, and what Jungle Jesse would like said at his funeral. (*This was recorded on 9.29.10. On the morning of 9.30.10 we learned that the great Tony Curtis passed away. There are some audio tributes at the beginning and end of the POPcast to Tony and Greg.)

The POPcast 07: Kari Ann Peniche and Tony Dimitri

(Recorded Thursday evening, 09/16/10) In this episode The POP Patrol has an exclusive interview with Kari Ann Peniche (Miss United States Teen, Playboy, Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew) and her brother Tony Dimitri (fashion designer). We find out how life is going and what's in store for the future. Television, fashion, movies, Disneyland and vampires...we discuss it all. We even find out who really wanted to be Miss United States Teen and that no one can escape their Jungle background.

Comic-Con Interview with 'Chuck' Fans

(WARNING...for several reasons including language and tipsyness.) First, in order to understand this episode you NEED to listen to the Comic-Con wrap up podcast. If you have listened to it, this is our full interview with people waiting overnight to get in to the Chuck panel at Comic-Con. We met some great Chuck fans including the ladies of the 'Chuck's Stable of Hos' podcast. Oh, did I mention I was drunk when I did this interview? Yeah....sooooo that happened.

The POPcast 06: Comic-Con Wrap Up

(WARNING: Yes, there is once again some adult language in this episode.) In this episode Jungle Jesse and Rabbi Marauder wrap up the POP Patrol's experience at Comic-Con. We have interviews with a Suicide Girl, a Slave Leia, Tyrese and Hasselhoff (I know!). There are reports from all over the convention floor and let you know about some new contests coming up...and yes, there are some portions where we may be a little tipsy. This is another long one gang, so relax and join us for some fun won't you.

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