About POParitaville

POParitaville began several years ago because of a little television show called LOST.  Jungle Jesse began a weekly re-cap as a blog on MySpace. (You remember that place, right?)  During this time the weekly visitors began to rise and he started meeting people from all over the country, and world, that were enjoying the insight, and spot on commentary of the show.  Well this grew as he and Rabbi Marauder became roommates and both of them began joining in on commentary.  Watching LOST at their apartment became a weekly event for friends and also sparked many ideas.  One of them being a podcast and a dedicated site outside of that MySpace place.

In between seasons of LOST, Jungle Jesse realized that he was getting a lot of entertainment news from all avenues of pop culture and was sharing it with everyone.  He was even writing reviews of things because his readers actually wanted to know what he thought.  So Jungle Jesse tossed around some ideas to Rabbi Marauder and POParitaville was born.  But he knew that he couldn't do it alone, so he spoke with some of his closest and trusted buddies to be members of what we now know as The POP Patrol.  From reviews to on location reporting, The POP Patrol has helped POParitaville begin to make it's mark on this world wide web place and in the world of pop culture.

POParitaville is a place for all areas of pop culture news to thrive.  From movies to television shows, video games to theme parks, The POP Patrol are all experts in these.  What makes them experts?  Most of the POP Patrol are seasoned veterans of the theme park industry.  Whether it was behind the scenes or on the front line trying to entertain park guests.  They've all also spent just as much time in the entertainment industry as actors, writers, directors and agents.  Plus hours upon hours growing up in front of the tv and in movie theaters has given all of us a wealth of useless trivia.

Together they have made a commitment to keep POParitaville free of gossip news stories.  Sure celebrities are getting drunk and arrested while making their sex tapes before going in to re-hab, but you won't read about that here.  Nope.  POParitaville is a tabloid free site where you can read up on stories that sound as if you're hanging out with your buddies.  (Except for that one time, because JJ had a great joke he wanted to use.)  

Pop culture is a part of your life and POParitaville wants to be a place for you to experience that.

So pull up a chair, grab a drink and ask yourself, "When was the last time you were POPped?"