Thursday, November 8, 2012

Trailer Premiere For 'World War Z' Starring Brad Pitt

Let me preface this with saying that I have yet to read Max Brooks' novel, so I only have this trailer to go on right now.  From what the trailer for World War Z shows, this zombies are superhero fast, and they seem to work together.  Take the jump to check out the trailer for Marc Forester's World War Z, starring Brad Pitt.

They can make zombie ladders??

Production on the movie began last year and has been plaugued with problems.  From reshoots, to the prop guns being confiscated by a Hungarian anti-terrorism unit, this movie has been an uphill battle to finish.  With the HUGE success of The Walking Dead, World War Z seems like an appropriate way to try and bring those fans into theatres.

These zombies are not the Walkers from The Walking Dead.  Nope.  These guys seem to attack just like a swarm of insects.  After the initial shock of seeing it for the first time in the trailer, it becomes a little comical.  Yes, it would be terrorizing to see this flood of zombies coming after you, but do you even get eaten?  It appears that they would just stomp on you to death as they try to finish their dead marathon around the world.

Even with my silly thoughts, World War Z does seem like it could be a good movie.  I like the idea of a zombie movie becoming a geo-politcal action film.  Let's just hope it isn't another high-budget B-movie.

World War Z hits theatres June 21st, 2013.

What say you?

POPped In A Zombie Swarm
Jungle Jesse

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