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The Stars Of 'Firefly' Discuss The Shows 10th Anniversary

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This year marks the tenth anniversary of Firefly.  A science fiction series created by Joss Whedon (The Avengers, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) that aired on FOX for one season.  By now, fans of the show know the turmoil that happened while it was on the air.  From airing episodes out of order, to moving the days that it was on, these were all things that would have killed a show from the conciousness of TV fans.  After Firefly was cancelled after one season, fans did everything they could to soak it all in.

From VHS copies shared and sold at conventions, to the DVD set becoming one of the most collected, it wasn't long before someone took notice.  Universal Studios then stepped up and decided they wanted to take the failed TV series and turn it into a movie, with the hope that it would become a new franchise.  Serenity came, and then quietly faded out.  Many believing it could be the last time we would hear anything about the Firefly franchise.

Not so.

Here we are, 10 years later and the Science Channel is celebrating the anniversary (and fandom) with a TV special called Firefly: Browncoats Unite.

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This past summer, leading up to the special, the cast discussed the show at Comic-Con to a very packed press room.  Joss discussed what it was like to look at the show now.  "I watched the episode that Nathan Fillion and I did the commentary on for the DVD - which is 'War Stories' - and I have to say, listening to what I knew back then, I knew a lot more about the show.  I had a better understanding of the characters and what was going on while we were doing it.  So my perspective has changed from someone who was living it, to someone who has fond memories of it."

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With Whedon's hit movie director status, Joss was asked if he has thought of a Firefly reboot.  Whedon joked, "Yes.  It would be with a youger cast."  He then went on to mention Andrew Garfield and Zach Efron as potential cast members.  This was to a combination of laughs and boos from the room.  

Being at Comic-Con, the team was asked if they have ever dressed up as their characters at a convention, and what they thought of seeing people dressed up as their characters.  Nathan Fillion chimed in and said, "My thought?  My thought is Give me my clothes back!"  Adam Baldwin brought up how shocked he was that Jane's hat woven hat was so popular.  Joss then said, "The question shouldn't be if you've shown up at a Con as your character, the question is how do you (to Fillion) show up as your character in an episode of your next series?"

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Looking back at 10 years since Firefly aired, Nathan Fillion addressed if he wished it could have been longer.  "I'm very happy.  I'm very content.  It all worked out really well for me.  Being in the position we are, sitting right here 10 years later, it's hard for me to say I want more.  I got a lot out of that show.  I got an a job, I got an amazing group of friends, and I got to the best work I think I've even done."

It's safe to say that fans will always wish there was more, but we're incredibly happy that we have it at all.  Now we'll have just a little bit more thanks to the 10th anniversary.

Firefly: Browncoats Unite premiered tonight and will air again later this week on the Science Channel.

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