Sunday, October 7, 2012

'Mythbusters' Teams Up With James Cameron For 'Titanic' Season Premiere

Credit: Discovery Channel/Don Feria
When you watched James Cameron's Titanic, how many of you have thought that Rose should have made room for Jack on that floating piece of wood?  It looks like Mr. Cameron was tired of being told the same thing because he is out to prove that there was only room for one on tonight's season premiere of Mythbusters.

In this myth, the team re-constructs a replica of the piece of wood that Rose is adrift on at the end of Titanic.  They then set out to see if Cameron's insistence that it wouldn't be buoyant with the two of them on it, is indeed, true.  It's a debate that the director has had with movie fans since the movie originally came out and he's hoping that the Mythbusters team can finally put this to rest.  Especially if it's in his favor.

The season premiere doesn't miss a step with bringing back the fun, and science, that fans love.  It's a proven format that the shows producing team doesn't mess with.  This allows us to sit back and enjoy the sense of discovery that the Mythbusters team has when a myth is confirmed or busted.  

Credit: Discovery Channel
Along with the Titanic myth, they also construct a rocket surfboard to see if a person would be able to stand on it.  Here Kari, Grant and Tory take their love of all things rocket propelled and get to put Tory in harms way.  Sometimes it's as if we're just witnesses to a group of friends hanging out and saying, "Wouldn't it be cool if...?"  Then they get to do it!  The end result is almost always something that leaves fans saying, "Holy s***!"

Getting the chance to speak with them, you get the sense that they feel the same way.  

Can a person ride a rocket surfboard?  Could Jack have survived if Rose had moved over at the end of Titanic?  We're not going to tell you, but they are great conclusions.  

Don't miss the season premiere of Mythbusters tonight on Discovery.

What say you?

POPped by an iceberg
Jungle Jesse

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