Wednesday, October 3, 2012

First Trailer For Disney's 'The Lone Ranger' Hits The Internet

The Lone Ranger has been on Disney's slate since Johnny Depp appeared at a Walt Disney Company meeting as Jack Sparrow with a feather in his hair.  Since then, people wondered when the movie would finally begin shooting.

Production finally began earlier this year and is still underway.

Now, the first trailer is now here for all to see.  It made it's premiere on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, but why suffer through that?  Instead, thanks to, you can watch it right now.

Take the jump to watch The Lone Ranger and Tonto take on the bad guys of the wild west.

I like the sweeping scope of what we see here, and I love that director Gore Verbinski is using a lot of practical effects, but I'm still not sold.  I appreciate what Depp is going for, but his performance in this teaser has me worried.  Physically, he is a commanding character.  Dialogue wise, it felt very close to how old western movies and TV shows depicted Native Americans.  "Ugh.  You go tell white man we now enemies."

Plus, this movie is The Lone Ranger.  So far they're making it look like Tonto and The Guy In A Mask With Him.

Hopefully the next trailer we see will show us something different and put it all in a better perspective.  Right now, this is a resounding, "M'eh."

The Lone Ranger opens in theatres July 2013.

What say you?

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