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POPped Review: 'The Inbetweeners'

Alright, let's clarify something right away.  The Inbetweeners has nothing to do with the MTV show.  The MTV show is a remake of the original, and much funnier, U.K. series.  This movie stars the original U.K. cast reprising their roles.  This time around they're celebrating one last summer together before they head off for college.  It's a vacation filled with binge drinking, nudity and dry humping.

Yes.  Dry humping.
*Some Spoilers Ahead*

From the opening scene with Jay (James Buckley) having webcam sex - in a scene that makes American Pie's tube sock experience incredibly tame - the audience knows that this is going to take us somewhere we haven't been.  It's a moment that is so absurd you're wondering what the hell is going on by the time your laughter catches up with you.  

We are then reunited with the rest of the gang as they decide to take a graduation trip to Crete for a debauchery filled summer.  This should be perfect to help Simon (Joe Thomas) get over being dumped, help Will (Simon Bird) lose his virginity, get Jay to become the lover he pretends to be and let Neil (Blake Harrison) bang every older lady he meets while also dry humping every other female that lets him.

Their lack of worldly experience - along with their social awkwardness - directs every wrong choice they make.  From a hotel that Eli Roth might set one of his Hostel movies in, to believing that club promoters really like them, they have no idea what to do now that they are on their own.  Because of this they end up in the one club in Crete that isn't busting at the seams with people their own age.  To them though, this is the best place in the world.  Fate does intervene when they meet a group of girls at the club that just may be their ticket to adulthood.

While in Crete, Simon discovers that his ex-girlfriend is there as well and he believes it's fate offering him another chance.  What he fails to see is that one of the ladies they've met could be the one that he's meant to be with.  We do learn that she is now with someone new/temporary (who, of course, is the movies bad guy), which he is completely oblivious to.  From this point, all Simon wants to do is buy a ticket to a boat party that she will be at because he believes that they are still destined to be together.

They end up spending a lot of time with the young ladies they met since they seem to be the only ones get them.  This becomes more obvious to the audience when they spend some time at the hotel pool, while accidentally insulting a handicapped family and getting in a war of words with a young boy.

The one person who continually tries to be the voice of reason, while also discovering a new side of himself, is Will.  As he sees the friendship between everyone get strained, he does his best to try and make the best out of everything.  And Neil, well he just doesn't worry about what anyone thinks.  He's going to have a good time no matter what and no matter with who.

There really are no big surprises when it comes to The Inbetweeners, you can see it all coming a mile away.  But getting there is half the fun, and worth the trip.

The Inbetweeners follows a basic formula for teen comedies.  There's plenty of drinking, cursing, nudity and laughs.  It's also a successful formula not really seen this strong since 80's teen comedies like Valley Girl or Porky's.  From young men on a quest to be touched, to the bad guy douchebag making life miserable for our heroes.  The Inbetweeners pulls it all off with some huge laughs.  

Do yourself a favor and buy a ticket to see The Inbetweeners this weekend.  You'll have yourself a good laugh, and it will convince you to always triple check the quality of your hotel on vacation.

The Inbetweeners opens in theatres today, and is rated R (duh) for strong crude and sexual content, some graphic nudity, language, alcohol and brief drug use.

Take a look at the red band trailer.


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