Tuesday, August 14, 2012

SPIKE TV Brings 'The Joe Schmo Show' Back To Life

Credit: Spike TV/ via EW.com
Many years ago, when reality television series were few and far between, SPIKE TV gave the world The Joe Schmo Show.  It was a hidden camera reality show where most of the cast were hired actors pretending to be on a reality series.  Only one person wasn't in on the joke and thought he was competing on a real show.  Joe Schmo was a brilliant take on how absurd reality shows were.  It put the "contestants" through ridiculous contests that made no sense, just for the comedy of seeing one clueless individual actually go through with it.

At the time the original series aired, the contests and elimination ceremony were so extremely weird that you wondered how anyone would have thought it was a real show.  Then you look at shows today and they have gone far and beyond what was extreme on Joe Schmo.  Because of that, most thought that there was no way that Joe Schmo could ever be brought back.

We were wrong.

EW got the exclusive that SPIKE TV is bringing Joe Schmo back to TV.  In Joe Schmo: The Full Bounty, the producers are making one person believe that they are on a reality show to become a bounty hunter.  Take a look at the trailer.

Preview Joe Schmo\'s Return in The Full Bounty

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It looks like the shows producers have come up with some brilliant new gags for the show.  The format alone, to become a bounty hunter, is awesome.  It's unique enough for someone to believe it's a new reality contest, and crazy enough for the actors to ramp up the comedy.  

If you never saw the original series, here is a taste:

I highly recommend getting the original seasons on DVD.

Joe Schmo: The Full Bounty will air in 2013, and I can not WAIT to watch.

What say you?

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  1. This is actually the 3rd "Schmo"...there was "Joe Schmo 2", which was set up as a dating show, and actually had two potential Schmo's.