Sunday, August 12, 2012

'Shark Week' Celebrates It's 25th Anniversary With New Episodes

Credit: Discovery
There are certain yearly television events that bring families together every year.  The Super Bowl, the Academy Awards, the season finale of America's Next Top Runway Housewife of Fontana and (my favorite) Shark Week on Discovery.  This year is the 25th anniversary of Shark Week, and the celebration begins tonight.

The action begins with Air Apocalypse. A team of camera people use new technology to photograph great white sharks like never before.  There is one shark in particular that the team is pursuing that they've named Colossus.  In this clip from the episode we get to see Colossus go after the teams newest invention, Robo-Seal.

There have been some critics that feel all Discovery has done is feed the stigma that sharks have of being blood-thirsty killers.  (I for one blame JAWS for making me afraid of the ocean, but we'll save that for the podcast.)  Discovery has an episode airing this week that may change those opinions about Shark Week.  Shark Fight tells the story of shark attack survivors who are now advocates to help save sharks.  It's the very opposite of what critics believe Discovery has made Shark Week out to be.  It is a very real, and very graphic look at the different ways that sharks are being killed.  This is probably the most important episode of Shark Week that's been aired.

Credit: Discovery
Not all of the episodes are filled with blood and activism.  There is some fun to be had as well.  This week beings us a new Mythbusters Shark Week special, along with a new creation made by the Mythbusters team.  Sharkzilla had them create a life-size megaladon, which was the largest shark ever to exist.    

Over the past several years, Shark Week took the turn from niche programming to full on phenomenon.  After 25 years on the air, there is now a generation of people who don't know a world without it.  It's the one week a year when people from all over the world can learn about this creatures.  Perhaps we fear them, perhaps we'll learn to respect them, but during this one week we get to see them in their own environment from the safety of our living rooms.

Happy 25th anniversary Shark Week!

Shark Week begins tonight on Discovery and will air new episodes all week.

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  1. One word keeps flashing in my head - "why"? There should be better ways than this to entertain people or teach proper beach safety.