Saturday, August 25, 2012

Seth Green Reveals Hysterical 'Star Wars Detours' Animated Series

Once again, Seth Green and the team from Stoopid Monkey (Robot Chicken) are showing us a side of the Star Wars universe that we've never seen.  Star Wars Detours takes place several years before Episode IV: A New Hope, or as I like to call it...Star Wars.  It's an exaggerated look at characters we all know, and it looks f***ing hysterical.

Take the jump to watch the trailer and clips that were revealed yesterday at 'Star Wars Celebration VI', currently taking place in Orlando, FL.

The look of the SWD is completely different from Robot Chicken, but has the same fast paced sense of humor fans love.  The CG animation also allows the team to take the humor further than they've been able to do on Robot Chicken.

There is no date set for Star Wars Detours to premiere.  What we do know is that Seth and his team have been working on this series for a few years and have been keeping the project as hush-hush as possible.  Lucky for us, the footage was released online for everyone not at SWCVI to enjoy.

We'll keep you posted as more information is released.  You can also jump over the official Facebook page to keep updated.

What say you?

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