Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Roddenberry Entertainment Discusses Comic-Con Plans

As everyone descends on San Diego for Comic-Con, one company that fans expect a lot out of is Roddenberry Entertainment.  With the legacy of Star Trek, this company has fans that follow every move they make.  With that in mind, they are looking to deliver some great content for these fans during one of the most watched fan conventions in the world.  I had the opportunity to talk with Roddenberry Entertainment's C.O.O., Trevor Roth, about these things.

First up, they will have be holding a screening of their documentary Trek Nation that originally aired on Science to rave reviews.  I wanted to know what the fan reaction was like when they learned that Rod Roddenberry was putting this together.  "Most wanted to know 'When and where will I get to see it?'  It went through such an evolution during the time period of production.  With Rod behind it, there was certain legitimacy, and liberty, that was able to be taken because it's the son of Gene Roddenberry taking them on this journey.  I also think it was able to have a bit more insight that was able to be gathered by it being his son making it.  The idea behind this was to utilize his only son as a vehicle and go through the journey and the exploration of a man and his work, and the legacy he left.  

While many may think that they will only be offering Star Trek related items, they would be wrong.  They will be premiering a new short called White Room:02B3.  It stars Breckin Meyer, Tamlyn Tomita, David Blue and Milynn Sarley.  According to Roth, "The characters wake up and find themselves in this room - a white room - and don't know where they are and why they're there.  Throughout the film we recognize that they are a part of an extraordinary experiment."  

It is a great premise, with a unique way of telling the story.  White Room:02B3 is an official selection for the London International Festival Of Science Fiction And Fantastic Film.  Why is it a unique way of telling the story, you ask?  That's because it was shot in 360 degrees.  You read that right.  360 degrees.     

To help you experience the movie in 360, there will be a White Room app available.  Trevor said that it was tricky shooting in 360 because you have to find a new way to do everything.  For the actors, it was much like theater as they all had to be performing during each take.  Then technically, they had to try and figure out how to set up their scene and not have any equipment seen.

White Room:03B3 will be screened along with Trek Nation this Thursday.  You can also see footage of it during the Roddenberry Entertainment panel on Saturday.  (Room 7AB)

During the panel, they will also be updating fans on the latest installment of the popular Days Missing graphic novel, and the upcoming Worth.  Worth asks the question of what happens when a superhero is no longer super?

As you can see, there is a lot that is on their plate this week, and they hope that you will be a part of it.    

The screenings for Trek Nation and White Room:02B3 is sold out, but you can find out more information about where to see them next by going to their panel on Saturday, visiting their booth on the convention floor  (booths 2543,2545,2642,2644) or visiting the official web sites.

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