Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Cirque du Soleil And Marvel Debut 'KÀ' Comic Book At Comic-Con

This past week at Comic-Con there were many new comic announcements.  There was one that grabbed our attention that we knew we just had to check out.  Marvel had teamed up with Cirque du Soleil to create a comic book based on the hit Las Vegas show , playing at the MGM Grand.   is an amazing story about Imperial Twins who are separated when an invasion of their kingdom happens during their coming of age celebration.  The comic takes the talent of Marvel's artists and the imagination of Cirque du Soleil and has given us a pretty damn good first edition.

This is the second year that Cirque du Soleil has been at Comic-Con to promote .  Last year they staged a performance on the wall of PETCO Park across the street from the Convention Center.  We asked Marie-Hélène Gagnon (Artistic Director of ) if their presence at Comic-Con the past couple of years was to get the attention of a new audience.  "We think that it is so close to what people like about Comic-Con.  The brain of people who love comics, who have this intelligence, this culture and this type of complex way of thinking."  

She then told us that the collaboration between Cirque and Marvel happened last year after Comic-Con.  "After the event on the wall last year we contacted Marvel.  They came to see the show on Valentine's Day, and the next day we discussed it and we both wanted to work with each other.  So we started working with the artists they proposed, and we got the book."

Credit: E. Ilsen/POParitaville
During this time, the Cirque team began handing out the first editions of to the audience, and they quickly went to reading it.  Seeing comic book fans eat it up so quickly, we wanted to know if there was a plan to do more.  Marie-Helen said, "We're always ready to do more."

Credit: E. Ilsen/POParitaville
With performers from the show on the Marvel stage, it was a mashup I never thought I would see.  The Cirque team didn't just talk about the comic, they also took questions from the crowd and gave a make-up demonstration from Cirque du Soleil makeup artist Kathleen Price.  She applied the shows "Red Eyed Spear-Man" look to Marvel Editor Nick Lowe.  This was the perfect thing to do for an audience full of cosplayers.  

You can see more of the photos on our Facebook page.  If you were not there to get your copy of , don't worry.  There will be a digital edition available soon in the Marvel store.  

Outside of the comic, you can only see KÀ at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.  For more information, or to get tickets, visit  

To get details on the KÀ comic book, head over to

To see more pictures from the Comic-Con event, visit our Facebook page.  

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  1. Somehow, that poster of Cirque du Soleil show is reminiscent of the same print I got on my blue man group las vegas tickets. I even thought for a while there that it's going to be the same show.