Thursday, June 28, 2012

'The Princess Bride' 25th Anniversary Blu-Ray Coming This October

"As you wish."

Fans of The Princess Bride are finally getting a Blu-Ray collectors set.  It was announced today that this collectors edition would be released on October 2nd to celebrate the movies 25th anniversary.  Yes, The Princess Bride is 25 years old.  (Holy crap!)  Fans of this movie are rabid and loyal, so this Blu-Ray set is sure to be a hit.

From the official press release:

From celebrated director Rob Reiner (The Bucket List) and Oscar®-winning screenwriter William Goldman (Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid) comes "an enchanting fantasy" (Time) filled with adventure, romance and plenty of "good-hearted fun" (Roger Ebert).  Featuring a spectacular cast that includes Robin Wright (Forrest Gump), Cary Elwes (No Strings Attached), Mandy Patinkin (“Homeland”) and Billy Crystal (Tooth Fairy), this wonderful fairy tale about a Princess named Buttercup and her beloved is "a real dream of a movie" (People).

Take the jump to see what will be included on the Blu-Ray set, and how you can participate in its creation.

Blu-Ray Disc Special Features:
·      ALL NEW - TRUE LOVE: THE PRINCESS BRIDE PHENOMENON (Pts. 1 & 2) For 25 years, viewers have watched and loved The Princess Bride. But why does it resonate so strongly for all ages? This two-part featurette offers some answers, along with funny and touching tributes from its cast, director, writer and fans.
o   Part 1: TRUE LOVE: THE PRINCESS BRIDE PHENOMENON - A Conversation with Rob Reiner, Cary Elwes and Robin Wright.  The director and his stars reunite for this lively discussion of the film's 25th anniversary, favorite fan encounters and memories from the set, illustrated by never-before-seen dailies.
o   Part 2: TRUE LOVE: THE PRINCESS BRIDE PHENOMENON - Hear from the film's creators and cast, passionate fans, and see film tributes and parodies, as we explore why the movie became a phenomenon. Interviewees include Rob Reiner, Cary Elwes, Robin Wright, Billy Crystal, Mandy Patinkin, Christopher Guest, Chris Sarandon, writer William Goldman, executive producer Norman Lear, Rob's father Carl Reiner, and more.

  • Audio Commentary by Rob Reiner
  • Audio Commentary by William Goldman
  • As You Wish: The Story of The Princess Bride
  • Cary Elwes Video Diary
  • Miraculous Makeup
  • The Dread Pirate Roberts: Greatest Pirate of the Seven Seas
  • Love is Like a Storybook
  • The Princess Bride The Untold Tales featurette
  • The Art of Fencing featurette
  • Fairytales and Folklore featurette
  • Original theatrical trailer
  • Easter Eggs

Not only do you get all of that, but the studio would like for you to vote on the Blu-Ray box art.  You have two images to choose from.

My vote is for the art on the left.  It captures what the entire movie is about.  

You can vote for your favorite on the official Facebook page ( June 28th through July 11th.  The winning box art will then be revealed on July 12th.  

The Princess Bride 25th Anniversary Edition hits store shelves on October 2nd of this year.

What say you?

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Source: 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment/MGM

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