Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Nintendo E3 2012 Press Conference

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
Credit: Nintendo
Day 2 of E3 continued today with Nintendo taking the stage to show off their upcoming console, Wii U.  That was really all they did.  Their presentation was all Wii U, all the time.  3DS will get it's spotlight tomorrow.  

While the Wii U looks like a great idea, they still have not sold me on anything.  The thought was that Nintendo would hit strong with new titles that would be available when the console launches later this year, but it just wasn't there.  Nintendo will really have to step up development by this holiday season if they hope to see the madness they created with the launch of the Wii.

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Wii U console
Credit: Nintendo
I still don't know.  I didn't see enough there to make me feel like I must have this new console.  They'll have Super Mario Bros. U and exclusive content for games we already have, like Batman: Arkham City.  Like everyone else, I already have that game.  I don't want to buy a new console to play it again with new content.  I believe that this could be the biggest obstacle Nintendo will have to deal with.

Quite honestly, I wouldn't be surprised to hear about many of those exclusive features becoming available for the XBOX with SmartGlass down the line.

Wii U controller
Credit: Nintendo
There are a couple of issues I see with the dual playing screens, for both SmartGlass and Wii U.  "Where do I look?"  I think it could turn in to a disconnect for some gamers.  Not only that, but with a Wii U, you're going to have to learn how to game differently.  Can you imaging what the codes could be?

A,B,X,Scroll,Scroll,Y,A,Scroll,A,A,Scroll....and I'm dead.

Speaking of dead, I do have to say that the highlight for me today was ZombiU.

Nintendo has something that could be amazing with the Wii U, they just haven't had a chance to really show us that yet.  Ever since they announced it last year, everyone has spent a year building up to what they/we think it should be.  We all did that because we have no idea.  Right now, it seems like Nintendo doesn't either.

What say you?

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