Monday, June 4, 2012

JJ Abrams Sneaks In 'Star Trek 2' Klingon Image During MTV Movie Awards

*We won't yell spoiler because you already know what this piece is about.

During last nights MTV Movie Awards, there was an amusing piece with Joel McHale, JJ Abrams and Jennifer Lawrence.  Joel plays Hollywood's best archery instructor who doesn't know how to use a bow and arrow.

During this piece, JJ Abrams was speaking in front of a monitor that was paying very close attention to.  That monitor was showing off the image of a Klingon.  This was confirmed by

Take the jump to watch the piece and see the image.

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Just like any JJ Abrams project, Star Trek 2 is shrouded in mystery without anyone confirming any information about the characters.  It's refreshing to see this little bit of information given out, and given out this way.

As Comic-Con approaches, expect more information about the movie to finally be revealed.

Star Trek 2 hits theatres May of 2013.

What say you?

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  1. If you watch the deleted scenes from the first Star Trek you will see a similar Klingon image. They appear to wear a helmet/face mask.

    Jump to 3:20 to see about 2 seconds of footage in the blooper reel.