Wednesday, June 20, 2012

FIRST LOOK: Disney/Pixars's 'Monsters University'

When you watched Disney/Pixar's Monters Inc. for the first time, did you wonder what the monsters were like when they were in college?  No?  Me either.  Disney and Pixar really hope that you're going to want to next year when they deliver the prequel, Monsters University.  Today we get our first look in four teaser trailers that premiered online today on Disney, Yahoo, Apple and The Huffington Post.  (Thanks to the gang at for pointing them all out.)

Take the jump to watch two versions of the teaser.


Sure, the teaser was silly...but it was still just...m'eh.  It wasn't just the relationship between Sully and Mike in Monsters Inc. that everyone loved.  It was the emotional tie that the character Boo brought to the movie.  I can not think of a single person that didn't choke up at the end of the movie when Mike comes back through Boo's closet door and you hear her say, "Kitty."

After the not-so-well-received Cars 2, this will be another sequel from Pixar that everyone will be watching closely.  Since Toy Story, Pixar stood above every other studio when it came to originality.  Since being purchased by Disney, it's turned in to a sequel machine.  

Many fans are hoping that Brave will see a return to great storytelling.  (Myself included.)  Being a fan of Monsters Inc., I hope that the storytellers at Pixar will give us a reason to care about these characters once again.

Monsters University is scheduled to open June 21st, 2013.

What say you?     

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