Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Karen Gillan Would Like To Appear On 'Community'

Would there be a geek paradox if a Doctor Who companion teamed up with Inspector Spacetime?  We could find out if Community producers are up for it.

For those that don't know, Inspector Spacetime is a spoof of Doctor Who that is featured on NBC's Community.  This past season we've seen Troy and Abed's love for the series grow larger and impact their lives, and the lives of their friends.

This spoof was brought to the attention of Karen Gillan, who just finished filming her final season as Amy Pond on Doctor Who.  She wants to creators of Community to know that she is up for making an appearance on the show.

Take the jump to watch her talk about it.

With Community entering their final season next year, we need to make this happen.  Perhaps Karen can become an exchange student who becomes Inspector Spacetime/Abed's companion.  Either way, use the hash #AmyMeetsAbed to help make this happen.

What say you?

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