Monday, May 14, 2012

eFX Inc. Wants You To Bring 'The Avengers' Home With New Collectibles

Hey!  Have you heard about this new movie called The Avengers?  Yeah.  Apparently it's doing pretty well for itself.

Who they hell are we kidding!  As of this weekend it is the fastest movie ever to reach $1 billion.  Not only that, but it earned $100 million in its second weekend of U.S. release.  That, my fellow nerds, is freakn awesome.

If you're like me, you just want to watch The Avengers on a loop.  Not only that, but you want to be one of them.  That is where eFX Inc comes in to play.  eFX Inc. has aquired the worldwide rights to create Marvel collectibles.  Looking at what they are offering for their first items, Marvel has made a good choice.  Take a look.

Here is what eFX Inc. had to say in the press release:

“The Marvel universe is extraordinary, diverse and exciting – just like Marvel’s fans around the world – and we are really eager for them to see what we are creating with guidance and input from the Marvel team,” said Bryan Ono, president of eFX Inc. “Marvel’s comics and movies offer virtually endless possibilities for absolutely incredible prop replicas.”

Since its inception more than four years ago, eFX has created the highest quality, limited-edition collectibles based on many of the most recognized and iconic properties in the world.  Many of its sold-out, limited-edition creations are prized and sought-after by fans.

These items are considered "In Development" and are not up for pre-sale yet.  If you want to know when pre-sale orders begin, drop them an email at

If you absolutely need to buy something today, they have collectibles from Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica and Disney.  Visit to see everything eFX Inc. has available.

What say you?

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