Thursday, May 24, 2012

Comic-Con May Ask For ID To Fight Counterfeit Passes

Ever since Comic-Con has been selling out, there have been plenty of people willing to sell you a counterfeit pass.  To try and fight these fake passes, Comic-Con has changed their Terms and Conditions.  This includes possibly asking to scan the barcode on your badge when you are entering, or asking you to show ID to prove that it's your name on the badge.

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Comic-Con International may perform any of the following validation of badges on entry to any area of the convention. These measures are an effort to prevent illegal badge duplication and unauthorized reselling. We may scan the bar code, require a photo ID that matches the name on the badge, scan RFID embedded in the badge, and examine the badge with other technological and/or physical methods to verify authenticity of the badge and holder. Before leaving any registration area please make sure that the name on the badge matches your identification.

Before everyone freaks out and says that this will create total chaos by trying to scan everyone's badge and check their ID's, that's not what's happening.  The new terms mean that they can do this to you at any time during Comic-Con.  If you are caught with a fake badge, expect to be asked to leave the convention.

Here's a hint on how NOT to get caught with a fake badge.  Don't buy a fake badge!  It's as simple as that.  If you are buying a pass from anywhere other than Comic-Con's official page, it's a fake.  Even if you get a barcode emailed to you from someone you buy it from online, it's a fake.  More than likely they have sold that same barcode to other people.  You'll find that out very quickly when you try to pick up the badge.  They won't pity on you and offer you another pass to make up for your mistake.

This also goes for anyone who says they are picking up a pass and will meet up with you to deliver it.  With this new policy, if your name is not on the badge and they ask you for ID... you're out.

Honestly people, we do sympathize with you if you were not able to buy passes to Comic-Con.  You will just be putting yourself in a bad position.

To read all of the Terms and Conditions, visit Comic-Con's official site:

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