Tuesday, May 15, 2012

ABC Reveals Fall Television Lineup

We've been a little behind in dishing out the news from the network upfronts this week.  To make up for that, let's take a look at what ABC has planned for the fall.

666 Park Avenue

The Pitch - It's like LOST, but in an apartment building.  So it's more like The Gates, but in an apartment building.

Thoughts - Fun concept and has potential, but I don't see the fun lasting more than 4-5 episodes.  I hope I'm wrong.

Last Resort

The Pitch - It'll have the drama and some of the locations as LOST, but this time it's about a group U.S. soldiers that hold up on an island....and try to figure out how their going to get back home.

Thoughts - This would be a better movie than TV show.


The Pitch - It's kind of like that movie Country Strong they keep playing on Starz.  Didn't see it?  Lucky you.  Okay...uhhmm... it's like Desperate Housewives, but with county music and one wife.

Thoughts - Didn't care for the trailer, or concept.  Translation: It will be a hit for ABC.

Zero Hour

The Pitch - The DaVinci Code meets LOST meets Missing.

Thoughts - Really like the trailer, and it's great to see Anthony Edwards back on TV.  I just don't know if the idea would keep me coming back for more than one season.

Red Widow

The Pitch - A women's husband is killed, and ABC hopes we'll tune in for 3-4 seasons to watch the drama.

Thoughts - 4-5 episodes until it's removed from the schedule.


The Pitch - It's all the drama and emotion of Thirty Something, but with mistresses.

Thoughts - Could be the first primetime network show that Ashley Madison sponsors, until it's cancelled after the 3rd episode.

The Family Tools

The Pitch - It's all the wackiness of Modern Family, without the comedy.

Thoughts - Cancelled after 1 episode.

Malibu Country

The Pitch - County music + laugh track + weed jokes

Thoughts - Country music + laugh track + weed jokes = moderate hit for ABC.  Though, it is great to Lily Tomlin on TV again.

The Neighbors

The Pitch - What if the families from Desperate Housewives and Modern Family lived next to aliens?

Thoughts - Aliens disguised as humans?  4 episodes until it's pulled.

How To Live With Your Parents (For The Rest Of Your Life)

The Pitch - Okay, we might have something good after all.

Thoughts - This one has a lot of potential.  It has the sense of humor Modern Family fans like, but it also seems to deliver on laughs.  This could be their next hit comedy.

There's your look at the new shows hitting ABC this fall.  There is also some news that ABC could still be developing a Hulk television series.  With the success of The Avengers, it's no surprise.  I am glad that ABC didn't try to throw it together quickly just for the upfronts.  We'll keep you posted with what happens.

What say you?

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