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A Visit To The Set Of ABC's Hit-Comedy 'Last Man Standing'

Cast of  Last Man Standing
Image courtesy: ABC/Walt Disney Television Group

A couple of weeks ago, The POP Patrol was invited by ABC to visit the set of their new hit-comedy, Last Man Standing.  Last Man Standing stars Tim Allen, in his return to television comedy, as Mike Baxter.  This time around Tim's character runs an outdoors store called 'The Outdoor Man'.  The show follows his life at the store, and at home with his wife, Vanessa (played by Nancy Travis).  Together they have 3 daughters, played by Alexandra Krosney, Molly Ephraim and Kaitlyn Dever.  The cast is rounded out by Mike's co-workers played by Hector Elizondo and Christoph Sanders.

Image Credit: Natalie A./POParitaville
In the show, Tim's character of Mike has a popular vlog, so we asked if he was tech savvy in real life.  "I just love the stuff.  Anything that plugs in.  I've gotten so far past Android, iPhones, I'm back to a flip phone."  He and Hector also mentioned that they both own a Chevy Volt and love it.

He also knows that it's no secret that the format of this show is very similar to Home Improvement.  "It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see what I did.  Instead of three boys, I have three girls.  Instead of 'Tool Time', I have that vlog."  This led to Tim discussing the appreciation he has for classic sitcoms.  Especially ones that starred Bob Newhart.

"There are very few people that have done what Newhart did.  He's had three hits in a row.  I like the classic TV sitcoms and we've done our best to keep our live, studio audience.  Although, I swear to you, you almost have to remind people like they used to, Live in front of a studio audience at CBS.., because even my mom will say That laugh track is so in your face.  I'll tell her, That's because it's 250 people laughing."

Hector also appreciates being in front of the audience.  He said, "You get great rewards.  It gives you a great boost."

Image Credit: Natalie A./POParitaville
When asked about what happens when a new person joins the cast, Nancy Travis joked, "It's less screen time for the rest of us, so we're not happy about that."

With the three young ladies playing Tim and Nancy's daughters, we wanted to know if they find themselves getting parented by their TV parents.  Molly Ephraim told us that she's currently buying her first car, so Tim is making sure that she goes to him for advice on this.  Kaitlyn said that Tim is really helping her with comedic timing during the show.  Alexandra added, "On more than one occasion, Nancy has cleaned shmutz off of my face."  Nancy turned it around by saying the the girls mother her quite a bit.  This includes lessons about the internet, and introducing her to Draw Something.    

Outside of the sitcom, Tim was asked about the future of the Toy Story franchise.  "It's like working with the CIA with Pixar and Disney.  They really don't want me to say anything, but if you talk to Hanks he can pretty much get away with saying whatever he wants to say, because no one ever messes with Tom.  Or, Woody.  Disney would just prefer that I don't talk about Toy Story because, I think they have big surprises coming and they want to manage it."

You can hear more of what Tim has to say about this, along with the rest of the cast, in the video below.  This covers the entire press conference and runs 42 minutes.  You'll hear them talk about everything from loving Frozen Planet, what they plan on doing while on hiatus and serial killer babies.

Last Man Standing airs Tuesday nights on ABC.  If you've missed any episodes, you can catch up on the shows official web site, and Hulu.

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