Thursday, April 12, 2012

Adam McKay Reveals Sacha Baron Cohen May Join 'Anchorman' Sequel, And Mentions Broadway Show That Never Happened

Ever since Will Ferrell made the announcement that a sequel to Anchorman was indeed happening, we've all been trying to find out more information on the movie.  There has been some plot details that have come out recently from director Adam McKay.  *Spoilers*  According to interviews with Salon and THR, this includes a possible custody battle, bowling for dollars and "the next stage of American media and news."

There is also a bit of casting news that hasn't seemed to get around yet.  In an interview with The Kevin and Bean Show on KROQ (which is my FAVORITE radio show), Adam told them, "Sacha Baron Cohen, already talked to me about playing one of the guys from the BBC."  

Obviously there is no context to this casting, or how big the role would be.  It's very possible that he may just be making a cameo in another back alley brawl.  The casting of Cohen would reunite him with McKay and Ferrell, who all worked together on Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby.  Adam also mentioned that Seth Rogen would like to make a cameo as the cameraman that he played in the first movie.

During the interview, McKay also gave a couple of details about the rumored Anchorman Broadway production that almost happened.  When asked about how long they've had the story ideas for a sequel, he answered, "We had the idea of doing it as a musical.  We were literally going to put it on Broadway.  We were setting that up, and this was a couple of years ago.  Then they did Book of Mormon, and we all felt like, well this has already been done to a perfect degree.  They really nailed that."  

I would love to hear some of the ideas they were tossing around for the show.

Sadly, we won't be seeing the next Anchorman for a couple of years.  They are looking at production beginning in 2013, with a release sometime in 2014.  For now we'll have to be content with re-runs of the first movie every other week on TBS.  

To listen to the whole Adam McKay interview on The Kevin and Bean Show, check out their March 30th episode via their podcast.  Adam's interview begins at the one hour mark.

What say you?

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Source: Kevin and Bean, THR, Salon

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