Friday, March 30, 2012

WonderCon 2012: The Cast Of 'FRINGE'

FRINGE cast at WonderCon 2012
(Credit: Natalie A./POParitaville)
Fans of FOX's popular series FRINGE are once again wondering if the show will be back for another season.  They have been going through this battle every season, yet the fans have won each time with FOX bringing the show back.

During WonderCon, we had the chance to talk with the cast and Executive Producers of FRINGE about this.  In our discussion we learned that no matter what FOX decides, this season is not set up to end the series.  Executive Producers Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman tell us that if the show were not to come back, the idea of wrapping up the series in a comic book is not out of the question.

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(Image Credit: Natalie A./POParitaville) 

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There is still no news on if FOX will be bringing back FRINGE for another season.  You can bet that fans are ready to show their support to see it return, just as they have since the series first began airing.

If FOX decides not to bring FRINGE back after this season, would you want them to wrap up the series with a comic?  Would you only accept closure if they come back for a final season?

No matter what, this season is getting close to wrapping up and a choice will be made soon.  Do your part and be sure to watch the show live when it airs.

FRINGE airs Friday nights on FOX.

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