Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Possible Viral Video For 'Transformers: The Ride - 3D' At Universal Studios Hollywood

I received something interesting in my email today.  One of our readers by the name of Mark S. said he came across this video and thought we would dig it since we've been posting stories about the new Transformers attraction opening at Universal Studios Hollywood this summer.  My first instinct was to make sure that the link wasn't spam.  After that checked out okay, I watched the video.

Very interesting.

The video has two kids wandering the lower lot of Universal Studios Hollywood.  (This is where Jurassic Park - The Ride and Revenge of the Mummy are located.)  They decide to record on their phone - with one of the best phone cam lights..ever - them sneaking in to the construction area of the new Transformers attraction.  As I watched this there are several clues that make me think that this is a viral video released by the park.

Take the jump to watch it yourself, then we'll discuss.

Here is why I think it's a viral.  As I mentioned at the beginning, this is supposed to look like it was shot on their phone.  Maybe it was shot on a phone.  If it was, they have one of the best low light phone cams to exist.  While it may be late in the day, there would be people there working on the attraction.  Also, if security was chasing them out of the construction area, they would not have let them get to the bottom of the escalator that easily and just them go.  And if you're getting chased because you're in trouble, would you really keep the person in front of you in view on your camera?  No.  You run faster than the other person so they get caught and you don't!

If this is a viral video, kudos to USH for showing off some great set pieces from inside the attraction.  That full size helicopter is going to look freakn' cool when it comes hurtling toward you, or shoots at you, or perhaps does nothing.  And did you catch the yellow VW Bug?  Retro-Bumblebee baby!  Viral, or not, this video does make me want the attraction to be open right now.

Now...if this is not a viral video, I must tell you..DON'T try and sneak in to a construction area.  Trust me.  There are dangerous areas that you are not aware of and you could get seriously hurt.  And if you get seriously hurt, that will delay the opening of the attraction.  And if the attraction opening is delayed because you're a dumb-ass, well....that won't make me very happy.

Transformers: The Ride - 3D opens this May at Universal Studios Hollywood.  Take the jump to for more details.

Thanks to Mark S. for sending the video our way.

What say you?

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  1. Fake. Just look at the title. Why would the kids call themselves "kids".

  2. Copyright 2012 universal right at the end...