Friday, March 16, 2012

Discovery's 'Frozen Planet' Is Why HD Exists

A few years back, I bought my first HD television and I would watch just about anything because it was in high definition.  A few months later, I saw a commercial for a series that was going to air on Discovery.  It was called Planet Earth.  For weeks my roommate and I were glued to the TV and commented that the Discovery Channel was one of the few networks that really knew how to utilize HD.

On Sunday, Discovery continues this amazing tradition with their new series Frozen Planet.  From the opening frames of the episode Ends of the Earth, you know that you're in for something spectacular.  Where the series excels is that you're not only drawn in by the beauty of these sprawling vistas, but the amazing drama that takes place at the far ends of our planet.  The strength and brutality of polar bears fighting each other in order to mate is amazing to watch.  And trust me when I say that you will be captivated when you witness one of the most amazing Killer Whale hunts ever seen.

It's not just animals that create spectacular scenes.  We see that the natural elements of these locations can be as brutal as a hunting animal, while distracting you with it's beauty.  From ice caves with stunning ice crystals made from the gases of a volcano meeting the cooler air in the cave; to a brinicle creating what they call the 'Icy Finger of Death'.

After the success of Planet Earth, I didn't know if Discovery would be able to create another series that would be as wonderful.  With Frozen Planet, Discovery has raised the bar even higher for original HD programs.  Do whatever you need to do to make sure that you do not miss this show.

Frozen Planet, narrated by Alec Baldin, begins this Sunday night at 8pm on Discovery.

What say you?

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