Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Why Patton Oswalt Should Host The 2013 Academy Awards

I really wanted Billy Crystal to do a great job hosting the Oscars this year.  I liked him in years past, and he's great at comedy.  Sadly that just didn't happen this year.  In my opinion, and many others, this years ceremony was a mess.  From an opening montage that was all over the place, to an opening musical number that was waaay off key.  The rest of the evening then started to fall apart quickly with presenters that decided to do shtick.  (We're looking at you Cameron Diaz and J Lo.)

Then for a brief moment towards the end of the show, there was some hope.  In a montage we had a few seconds of the comedy genius that is Patton Oswalt.  That's when it hit me.  Patton should host next years Academy Awards!  I quickly put that thought out on Twitter to see what others thought.

My thoughts for Patton as host are pretty simple.  He's incredibly funny, he has great stage presence, he has credibility from both general and indie film audiences, and he loves movies.  If you don't think he loves movies, just listen to any one of his comedy albums or watch any appearance on Conan or The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

For years the Academy has tried to bring in a younger audience.  This was how we ended up with Franco and Hathaway last year, and why they were going with Ratner and Murphy this year.  With Patton as host they would not only bring in a younger audience, but his comedy has a way of reaching passionate film nerds of all kinds.  Especially ones that feel that their taste in movies is never represented well at the Oscars.  This could be what finally gets them to watch.

PLUS, there is a possibility that we'll see The Dark Knight Rises nominated for Best Picture next year.  It couldn't be better timing!    

I do know that getting someone great to host doesn't necessarily mean that the show will be better.  There is only so much that the host can do during the ceremony.  We'll still get speeches that bore us, or strange video montages of things like 'A Salute to 555 Phone Numbers'.  However, a strong host who is as bored and perplexed as we are could be exactly what the show needs.

If you agree with me and you want to join in this quest to get the attention of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Scientists, there are a few things you can do.  First, join the 'We Want Patton Oswalt To Host The 2013 Academy Awards' Facebook page.  Second, start flooding the Academy with tweets (here) and emails (here) telling them you want this to happen.  Lastly, let Patton know that you would love for him to host the Oscars.

Remember, when you're sending messages to these people, be polite.  This is about getting the Academy to consider him, not bombard them with hate.  We want them to take this seriously, not brush it aside.    

Who knows, when all is said and done Patton could see this and say, "That's cute, but no thank you."  Then we'll move on with life and I'll delete this post and pretend it never happened.  But maybe, just maybe, we could all be watching a great telecast next year with a fantastic host.

What say you?

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