Friday, February 10, 2012

'Scene It?' Celebrates 10th Anniversary With Their First 'Star Wars' Edition


How on earth has the popular board/DVD game Scene It? existed for 10 years and never had a Star Wars version?  Well that is being rectified this year with the release of Scene It? Star Wars.

For those that have never played, Scene It? combines a board game with DVD clips as teams battle to see who has the most extensive movie knowledge.  The news was revealed by Screenlife - who make the popular game - earlier this week at the 2012 NY International Toy Fair.  

While general versions of the board game cover films of all genres, there are also plenty of special editions available.  From Friends to Twilight, Harry Potter to Seinfeld and The Simpsons; Scene It? has covered almost everything.  Now Star Wars gets its turn, and George Lucas can finally start making a few extra bucks.

In a press release, Screenlife said:

"It's a delight to bring Star Wars, one of the most popular and beloved film franchises of all time, to the Scene It? galaxy of rich entertainment trivia," said Barry Watts, CEO of Screenlife. "2012 is shaping up to be a great year for movie fans, as we are bringing not only fantastic new titles like Star Wars and Movie Night to our lineup, we are giving players new ways to play with convenient streaming gameplay."

The release goes on to give some details what the game will include:

From the Battle of Naboo to the birth of Luke Skywalker, from the rise of Darth Vader to the fall of the Galactic Empire - Scene It? Star Wars delivers hours of fun spanning the complete Star Wars film saga. As one of the engaging new puzzle types introduced in this landmark title, the "Jedi Archives" challenges players to solve puzzles utilizing behind-the- scenes film assets, from storyboards, production stills, concept art and more.  The Force will need to be with fans as they try to solve the "Finish the Line" puzzles, which task Star Wars devotees to complete key dialogue from the films.  The "Imperial Listening Post" incorporates the fantastic sound effects of Star Wars, as players endeavor to identify the iconic hum of lightsabers, or the inspiration of Chewbacca's signature voice. Emulating R2-D2's famous projector, "Holonet Disruptions" presents clues in holographic projections, as first depicted in the original Star Wars.

It looks like this game will be a little more extensive than the original Star Wars Escape From The Death Star board game.  Though it would be awesome if they included reproductions of the cardboard game pieces.

Look for Scene It? Star Wars to be released this Fall.  Then look for fans to be upset that questions about the prequels are included in the game.

What say you?

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