Friday, February 3, 2012

Madonna Premieres New Music Video Featuring Niki Minaj and M.I.A.

The internet has been hit with a new video from Madonna for her new single Give Me All Your Luvin'.  The single features Niki Minaj and M.I.A., along with a bunch of football players for no reason other than the fact that Madonna is performing during halftime at the Super Bowl.

Take the jump to watch Madonna try to stay relevant.

This song, and the video, are just a mess.  Someone please explain to me the football players.  Is it just because she uses the phrase, "play the game," in the song and uses cheers?  It really did feel like the song, and video, were done this way to try and prove that it makes sense to have her perform during halftime at the Super Bowl.  None of it came together in a way that makes sense.

Sorry Madonna, but Gwen Stefani did it much better in 2005.

I know that there are Madonna die-hards that will feel that this song is the best song of the year simply because it's her.  Those same people will send us messages about how dumb we are for not liking it, and we'll never be like her, and we're just jealous of her talent and fake British accent.  Just know that I was honestly hoping for a good dance single from Madonna.  I would hold up any of her best dance tracks against many performers from today.  I'm sorry to say that this will not be one of them.

I'm really hoping that this is not an indication of what to expect during halftime on Sunday.

What say you?

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