Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Comic-Con Changes 4-Day Badge Prices

While many of us are almost ready for WonderCon to start, we are also already looking ahead to San Diego Comic-Con this summer.  We've already told you about the changes that have been made with the badge purchasing system.  This week comes word of a change with the badge prices.

Brace yourself nerds...Comic-Con will no longer be offering a lower price if you buy a 4-Day badge.

Take the jump to see the new registration price.

According to Comic-Con, they are hoping, "that this change will encourage people to purchase only the days they will actually be attending.."

While I can understand the thinking behind this change, I don't believe that it will work.  I have found that the people who purchase 4-Day badges are either planning on going every day, or they do it because they don't know what day a panel they want to attend will be scheduled.  Since there is no longer a discount rate on the 4-Day badge, the individual days will also be snatched up quickly.

While we won't know whether or not these changes will have an effect on badge sales, we can pretty much guarantee that people will be upset again this year.  Whether it's the new badge price, or requiring a member ID, there will be something to tick off fans.

So far, Comic-Con has not announced a date that passes will be on sale.  News of this will go out via email to those that have registered for a member ID.

For more information on the changes with with Comic-Con's pricing and registration, visit their web site:

What say you?

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