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SUNDANCE 2012! Films to SEE!

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Sundance 2012 is about to begin and as the snow begins to fall in Park City.  The usually quiet mountain town is slowly beginning to see traffic and heavy visitation from festival goers to the local Fresh Market where the Hollywood elite roam the aisles in search of three percent beer and boatloads of low carb snack items.
The festival is set to kick off with promise tonight with screenings in Park City and Salt Lake City.  And despite the fact that many of last year’s big studio purchases did not translate to big box office, this year looks to be a buying frenzy with almost all of the fest premieres screening without distribution.  Buzzings and murmurs have run abound with many screaming raves in regard to films sight unseen! 
Say and see what you will.  I have my personal list of films I am psyched to see and hopefully review for you here.  So with the festival about to kick off I thought I would showcase to you all what I am most excited and hopeful to see at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival.

1.  Bones Brigade:  An Autobiography / Directed by Stacey Peralta

I grew up watching the Stacey Peralta directed skate videos starring Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero, and Lance Mountain.  I am dating myself here but in the mid to late eighties when there was no internet (or skate parks…long story but LA outlawed them due to some weird insurance safety law)…the only way to learn a trick was to go to your local video store and watch the pros. The highly entertaining skateboard flicks were like no other and seemed to have a punk rock approach that showcased some dedicated videography.  They defined my youth in a large way.  So I could not be more stoked about the documentary focusing on the Bones Brigade skate crew and their videos.  This one premieres at the MARC Theater (formerly Racquet Club) on Saturday and I cannot wait to check it out.  I am hoping to see Tony Hawk and friends in tow for the Q and A.
2.  The House I Live In / directed by Eugene Jarecki

Eugene Jarecki follows up his last film WHY WE FIGHT with a look at the USA’s war on drugs from a completely unique perspective.  The doc is already hyped as a must see at this year’s festival and premieres at the distant Temple Theater on Saturday at 6PM.  I am hoping to catch one of the second screenings.

3.  Excision / directed by Richard Bates Jr.

The story of a girl who dissects road kill?  The film guide photo shows a naked woman riding a dude with blood around him like a moat?  Is it wrong that this is what is selling me on seeing this supposedly twisted  horror film?  Sundance specializes in showcasing some fantastic midnight movies best enjoyed with an adult beverage.  This film has all the makings of a kick ass Sundance late night experience.  Let’s hope it lives up to it’s summary and photo!  I hope to catch this one at it’s Egyptian premiere on Saturday night.
4.  Me @ The Zoo /  Directed by Chris Moukarbel, Valerie Veatch

LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!  The eyelined vlogger who begged the world to leave his favorite pop superstar alone while crying under some bed sheets has somehow garnered himself a documentary focusing on his tough life.  Chris Crocker opens us up to his world!  Let’s just hope that world doesn’t stay under the sheets the entire time!  Several screenings…
5.  WRONG / directed by Quentin Dupieux

Promising to be a cracked out acid trip journey with Steve Little acting at the helm, one must wonder just how out of control director Quentin Dupieux can be?  His previous effort RUBBER was a wild mess depicting a tire on a murderous rampage.  I’ll sip on some whiskey and ride the wave of this hopefully twisted and hilarious journey of one man’s odd adventure to find his missing dog.
Just five?  What the hell is that?  I promise to update you all with more as we move along through the festival.  For now this is my short list of must see films.  Keep checking the site for more as we enter day one tomorrow!  Looking to be another great Sundance! 
JeffroGee Out.

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