Tuesday, January 3, 2012

POPped Review: Custom Fanny Wang Headphones

Several weeks back I brought you news that Fanny Wang Headphones was now allowing you to make your own set of custom headphones.  They were kind enough to provide me with the option to create my own pair to try out.  I did, and now have had ample time to test them out.

The pair that I made are their DJ Bass Boost model.  They are incredibly light-weight and fit really comfortably over the ear.  The sound reduction of ambient noise is just enough to isolate what your playing, but not enough that you would get hit by a car if you're using them while walking down the street.  That is, as long as you're not blasting the sound to be heard by people passing by.  By being able to adjust how much bass you have with this model, you don't have the constant pounding against your head that other models tend to do.  

Don't get me wrong.  I love heavy bass for music and will crank up Linkin Park and Eminem in these headphones, but it's actually pleasurable to listen to with these.  You can make out the mid's and lows.  It's not constant pounding of bass to your head.  This is exactly what I've been wanting in a good pair of headphones.  

In my previous post I let you know what you are able to customize when making your pair.  So how did they come out?  Take a look at the side by side comparison.

Pretty damn close.  The biggest difference being that their blue comes out much darker than what is shown during the design, so the trim areas I placed the color in appear to be black.  While the website does say that the actual color will vary slightly, this was a big difference.  If you are creating your own, I would suggest that you use brighter colors for trim areas that you would like to stand out.  

The headphones arrive in a small protective case, which looks great.  However the color of this one was white, which meant that the back already had smudge marks from the box it was sent in.  

Inside the case you get all sorts of attachments.  This includes an attachment that allows you to use your phone on airlines that have two hole inputs.  (Tee hee)  Another allows you to plug your headphones in to larger mixing boards.  The included cord has the Fanny Wang splitter (which is exclusive to them) that allows you to share your music with someone.  This also has a control pad that can be used with the iPod Touch and iPhone.

The case also has a small carabiner attached that allows you to clip it on to a bag for easier transport.  In the traveling I've done over the holidays, I did not find myself really using it.  My carry on felt more off-balance when it was being used.  You'll find yourself just storing the headphones in your bag and pulling them out to be used.  However, the case does make for easier storage around the house.          

It's also a nice touch that you get an information card that lets you know the name of the person who assembled your headphones.  This gives it a little more of a personal touch.

Overall, I would absolutely say to get a pair of Fanny Wang Headphones and get them personalized.  For only $50 more to your order (Fanny Wangs begin at $199) you can make them unique to your personality.  This price is much less than other other websites offer for customization of their headphones, which can be in the $500 range.  

Don't think that expensive is better.  It's just merely more expensive.  The sound experience is just as full and rich - if not more - as anyone charging a higher price.

To order you pair of customized Fanny Wang Headphones, take the jump over to the official web site. customs.fannywang.com

What say you?

POPped with good sound
Jungle Jesse

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