Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kevin Smith's Smodcast Pictures and Phase 4 Films Team Up To Distribute Indie Pictures

It was just a year ago at Sundance that director Kevin Smith announced his plans for Red State.  This threw many a Hollywood person in to a state of confusion.  How could someone show a movie in theaters without studio support?  Surely this was the talk of a crazy man and we would see him spiraling out of control.

That wasn't the case.  As a matter of fact Kevin Smith's Red State tour was incredibly successful, as was the movies release to DVD and VOD.  The movie played to packed houses in the U.S. and abroad, with the director there to answer the audiences questions after watching the movie.  It was a unique experience that was helped by the fact that Red State was a good movie.

This distribution model relied on people wanting to see a movie and not a billboard telling you that you needed to see a movie the first weekend.  During his Sundance speech announcing his plans for Red State, Smith also mentioned if it was successful he hoped that he would then be able to distribute the works of other indie filmmakers in the same fashion.  True to his word, that is what he is now doing.

This week it was announced that Smith's Smodcast Pictures has entered in to a partnership with Phase 4 Films (which distributed Red State in Canada).  Together, they will be looking to distribute up to 12 films a year.  According to the press release, four of the movies will be released theatrically while the others will be released via other "traditional and digital platforms."

If you are an indie movie director, this could be your chance to get your movie seen.  They are looking for movies of all types.  As Kevin put it on his website:

I honestly cannot wait to start finding flicks to take out on the road. Live action, animation, big budget, micro-budget, comedy, drama, horror - I want you to send ‘em all to SMacquisitions@phase4films.com! Come join the circus!

This completely breaks the walls down of trying to get your movie in to a film festival hoping that a studio executive will take a chance on you and your movie about cowboys that want to start a ballet company.  Now someone with the means to get your movie in front of audiences wants to see what you have.  The best thing about it.  He actually likes movies.

So get your pitch together and send it off.  Who knows.  Your movie could go on tour next.

Here is the full press release:

What say you?

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