Monday, December 26, 2011

The One Book Every Disneyland Fan Will Be Talking About

For quite some time now I have been teasing everyone with little blurbs about a book I was working on about my time at Disneyland.  It is finally time to reveal it.  The book is (tentatively) called Confessions of a Jungle Cruise Skipper.  This is about all of the antics that happened while I was there.  These are stories that you will be sharing with your friends and discussing every time you visit the park.  

The book will be complete soon, but I want to make sure that it sees the light of day.  Instead of waiting to see if a publisher picks it up, I have opted to self publish for now.  This means hiring an editor to correct my many typos, and a graphic designer to create some art work.  In order to accomplish this, I have started a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter.  This will run through January and I believe is able to be completed 100%.  If just 480 people give to the $25 dollar campaign, the funding will be complete.  How awesome is that??  

For the campaign I have come up with reward incentives that you will love.  They include ways of obtaining a PDF copy of the book, sneak preview of material via a private blog, autographed copies, being a guest on our 'Disneyland Secrets' podcast, and a dinner where you and a guest will be joined by myself and some very special guests.  

This book is meant to be read by every person who has ever wondered about what happens when park guests aren't around, or when their backs are turned.  

Take the jump over to the Kickstarter campaign to get details about the book, donate and help spread the word.  Perhaps we'll all meet face to face at a book signing event at Comic-Con in 2012 where I can thank you personally.

Hit it, Skip!

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Jungle Jesse (Yes.  That's where my nickname came from.)

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