Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fanny Wang Is Now Offering Custom Headphones

This past summer, some of our lucky fans discovered why we fell in love with Fanny Wang headphones.  This was because we got to give out a few pairs of them.  Everyone sent us messages about how much they loved them.  One of the things we have heard from people is that they wanted to be able to have more of color choice than just white, red or black.  Fanny Wang heard that too, and beginning today you can now create custom headphones.

I had the opportunity earlier this week to try out the process and it was pretty straight forward.  I decided to create the first POP Headphones.  Take a look at the design:

When you make your custom headphones, you're able to select the color schemes that you want to the different parts to be.  I decided to choose the POP colors so that I can put a decal with our logo on the center disc later.  That is something that I hoped would be an option for customizing the headphones, but it is not.  If you are looking to make something more elaborate and customized you can contact the people at Fanny Wang to see what your options are.  Who knows, if we give away headphones at Comic-Con again next year, perhaps we'll have some exclusive POP Headphones.

Yes, there are other comparable headphones that you can customize by going through ColorWare.  Doing that will run you $500 - $700.  Customizing your own Fanny Wang headphones will only run you an additional $50.  

Once you've designed and ordered your pair, it will take up to 3 weeks for your headphones to be assembled and delivered to you.  I will be receiving my custom pair in a few weeks and will follow this up with a review and pictures once I have them in hand.

To start designing your pair head over to

What say you?

POPped by
Jungle Jesse

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