Monday, October 3, 2011

Utah Movie Theatre Fined For Showing 'The Hangover II'

Those lucky enough to have movie theatres with bars, or breweries, attached to them love being able to attend 21+ screenings.  This is where alcohol is allowed to be taken in to a particular movie time set aside for adults.  Knowing this, I was surprised to hear that one such theatre existed in Utah, however I wasn't that surprised to hear about what happened to them.

'Brewvies' has been fined $1,627 for showing The Hangover II in their "cinema/pub."  They were issued a citation from the Utah Highway Patrol in early September and the fine was handed down from the state liquor board.  A spokesperson for the highway patrol told the Associated Press that Brewvies was in violation of a law that prohibits fully nude performers in an establishment that serves alcohol.  This law is normally used to keep strip clubs in line.  According the Associated Press these laws also prohibit the showings of movies with sex acts, full-frontal nudity or the caressing of breasts or buttocks.

Are you kidding?!?  That sounds like my Thursdays.  (But not really...sigh.)

Allegedly this all happened because a complaint was filed with the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control.

What the what?

The first thing I want to know is who went to see The Hangover II, then filed a complaint.  Perhaps someone just saw that they were showing it and knew that this evil-doing had to stop.  Either way it all adds up to something suspicious, sad and dangerous.  Suspicious for how it went down, sad because it happened and dangerous for what it means to theatres wanting to show R rated movies and offer alcoholic beverages to legal age patrons.

These laws, and fines, can grow larger with every citation.  If Utah is going to continue going after theatres serving alcohol and showing R rated movies, will a theatre owner take the risk of more fines?  By looking at the upcoming movie schedule for Brewvies, I wouldn't put it past another, complaint.

So their patrons miss out on a fun night out, and the movie theatre loses money.

In a time where every business owner is doing what they can to bring in customers and stay open, it is bizarre for a state to go after someone that the laws were not really meant for.

Come on Utah, have a drink and relax.  It's just a movie.

Am I reading too much in to this?

What say you?

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Source: CBS News

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