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POPped Review: Eli Roth and Discovery Want To Know "How Evil Are You?"

Eli Roth hosts Discovery's CURIOSITY "How Evil Are You?"
Credit: Discovery Channel

The Discovery Channel and director Eli Roth (Hostel) want to know How Evil Are You?  In this upcoming episode of the series CURIOSITY, Eli takes on science to see if there is a way to find out how evil humans can be.  In his movies, Roth has created characters that do unspeakable things.  In this, he shows us what may be the reason for people to do actually do the unspeakable.

Credit: Discovery
In order to find out more about how science can distinguish between good and evil, Roth subjects himself to medical testing.  This includes DNA tests on his blood and a bizarre type of brain scan.  In this brain scan, Eli is shown different images while the scientists get brain readings showing his response to them.  The results of these tests will let him know whether or not all of these things show a psychotic side he's never known about. 

The most tense portions of the episode happen when Roth stages an experiment that has a history.  It's called the Milgram Experiment.  People are led to believe that they are administering electrical shocks to another person - that they can't see - when they get answers wrong.  (Imagine the experiment from the beginning of Ghostbusters, but up the shocks by many volts.)  They are meant to think that as the other person continues to get answers wrong they are delivering more powerful shocks.  The original idea behind the experiment is to see whether or not something like what happened in Nazi camps could happen in the U.S.  Would we follow orders from someone and continue hurting another person when they begged us to stop.  Can a person knowingly hurt another just because an authority figure has told us we must.

Recreating the experiment, Eli wants to see whether or not we've changed as a society since the original experiment was conducted in the 1960's.  Will people stand up for another being hurt?  These moments of the show are some of the most riveting scenes on television.  What makes all of this so compelling is that it is all real.  We're watching real people react to something that would be incredibly disturbing to be a part of.  That takes scary to a whole new level.

Many only think of The Discovery Channel as a fun place to watch the Mythbusters blow stuff up, or where you can watch beautiful images on Planet Earth.  Discovery is also able to take viewers to some dark places and make us question who we really are.  Are people genetically predisposed to becoming evil?  Where do we fall in this category?  CURIOSITY "How Evil Are You?" will make you wonder just that.

CURIOSITY "How Evil Are You?" premieres on The Discovery Channel this Sunday, October 30th at 9PM e/p.

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