Monday, October 24, 2011

The Future of POParitaville

I know, I know...where the hell have we been the past couple of weeks?  While there have been a few issues that needed to be taken care of, personally and professionally, I am here to let you know that POParitaville is not going anywhere.  (Sorry.)  One of the biggest reasons for the absence the past couple of weeks has been the availability of The POP Patrol.  

Everyone, outside of myself, has other career thingies that they do and that does take up a lot of their lives.  Normally that's not too big of a deal because I'm able to get up news and stories for all of you to enjoy.  Over the past few weeks though, my own schedule was tossed for a loop as several personal things came up that had to be dealt with.  This included nursing some injuries I took from a nice little tumble down some stairs.  During this time I have also been busy finishing a book that I have been working on for some time.  (Hints of the topic have been dropped via Twitter for some time now.  I can't reveal any more just yet.)  While the book isn't complete, I am well on my way to doing that by years end.

It looks like things are finally beginning to balance out and POParitaville will be returning to it's regular, snarky form very soon.  We may not bombard you with tons of stuff daily, but we won't be left behind either.

Thank you for all your kind tweets, and the mean ones too.

We now return you to life, already in progress.

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Jungle Jesse

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  1. Welcome back. Hope you are all better. Looking forward to your more POParitaville.