Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Discovery's 'Penn & Teller Tell A Lie' Is One Of The Best New Shows On TV

Credit: The Discovery Channel
Tonight, The Discovery Channel premieres Penn & Teller Tell A Lie after Mythbusters.  Adding the new Penn & Teller show to this night on Discovery makes it one of the best blocks of TV this season.  

Penn & Teller Tell A Lie continues the idea of taking science and making it fun.  Just don't expect an hour of building and experimenting.  This show aims make you guess and make you laugh.  It will also allow you to be a part of the show while watching at home.

In Penn & Teller Tell A Lie the duo will tell you seven different stories.  They are all convincing and will have many of you saying to yourself, "I never knew that."  Just be careful what you believe because one of the stories is a lie.  (This is where the interactive part happens.)  

Throughout the episode you will be encouraged to visit and cast a vote for which story you think is a lie.  Towards the end of the episode they will reveal how people have been voting.  The numbers will be live for viewers on the east and west coast so that everyone can participate.  After they let you know how everyone has been voting, they reveal the lie of the episode.

Some stories will have you thinking it's true and a lie within the span of a couple of minutes.  Just some of the stories in the first episode include wondering if a car can be lifted by human hair, does a certain note played on a tuba make alligators a little frisky or can you steer a small plane using the doors?  

Admit it.  You're already excited to see the premiere, aren't you? 

Credit: The Discovery Channel
The second episode is just as interesting and asks whether eggs can support the weight of a cheerleading team, and are piranhas dangerous to humans?  You know, in case you come across some in the shower.

Lucky for viewers, the storytelling humor that made Penn & Teller: Bulls**t so much fun on Showtime continues on Tell A Lie.  You find yourself bummed to get to the end because the journey is so much fun.

With Penn & Teller Tell A Lie, The Discovery Channel has the makings of a huge hit.  By teaming it up with Mythbusters, it's the best science night on TV since Mr. Wizard used to go on Late Night with David Letterman.

Penn & Teller Tell A Lie premieres tonight on The Discovery Channel right after Mythbusters.    

What say you?

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  1. I caught the premier and I really liked the show. I have always liked Mythbusters and I have been a Penn and Teller fan for a long time. Their brand of comedy magic is unique and intelegent. As it follows Mythbusters I am sure there will be some nice pyrotechnics or explosions. I love watching Discovery in HD. I get HD service from my employer DISH Network because they offer the most HD channels available nationally. It will be interesting to see where this show goes. From what I have read they seem to revisit past Mythbusters topics. I have high hopes for this show, I hope Penn and Teller get the chance to put up a few seasons here.