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Trey Parker and Matt Stone Created A Spoof With Spielberg, Stallone and Cameron That Was Rarely Seen

The story of this film short has changed quite a bit over time from the participants.  This comes from previous interviews I've seen with Trey and Matt, along with people I've spoken with who worked at Universal at the time.  

In 1995 David Zucker was asked by Universal Studios to create a funny short film about the new changes coming after they were purchased by Seagrams.  Yes, the wine cooler company decided to get in to entertainment so they purchased a majority ownership of MCA, who also owned Universal Studios.  

However, Zucker didn't really want to spend the time making it.  He decided to hire someone he thought was funny and had lots of potential.  

After seeing an animated short being passed around Hollywood (remember, this was before YouTube) called The Spirit of Christmas, he asked Trey Parker if he would help him make this movie.  Trey didn't know that Zucker actually intended for him to write/direct the movie.  When Trey showed up at Universal he found this out and quickly called Matt and asked him to get over there quick.  Not only did this movie not have a script, but it had been arranged for some major Hollywood heavyweights to be in this.  Steven Spielberg, James Cameron, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Sylvester Stallone, Michael J. Fox, just to name a few.  

Quickly they pounded out a concept and some dialogue and went on an adventure on the Universal Studios backlot, which is always a lot of fun.

Your Studio and You poked fun at everything Hollywood.  From the way studio executives are perceived, how big stars see the studio system, and the fact that Universal Studios was just bought by a company that makes wine coolers.  It also had many of the stars poking fun at themselves, including Steven Spielberg playing the role of a Studio Guide.  All of these things were wrapped up in a style that mimics 50's instructional movies.  Your Studio and You turned out hysterical, and you can already see how Matt and Trey's comedy style was already taking shape.        

The movie was supposed to be screened at party for studio employees, but it was never shown.

Once the studio heads saw the film it was quickly banned.  Apparently they didn't like hearing their stars saying, "It's UCS for me!"  (Sound it out.)  However, those that loved the movie quickly made copies on videotape and began passing them around to their friends and colleagues.

That was how I received a copy in the late 90's.

A friend who worked for ***************'s production company made a copy of Your Studio And You, along with The Spirit of Christmas, for me to watch. At the time I had no idea about what had gone down with the making of the movie.  All I knew what that it was hilarious, and Universal Studios had hoped it was gone forever.

The following year, South Park premiered on Comedy Central.  Since forgivness in Hollywood is based on revenue, Trey and Matt even went on to star in BASEketball for Universal Studios, which was directed by David Zucker.  

Cut to 2001-

I was now working as a Studio Guide at Universal Studios, so I asked some co-workers about the short.  Many of them knew the stories about it, but had never seen the movie.  I brought in my copy to show to everyone, and was told that there had been a time when you could have been fired if you were found in possession of a copy.  So I made sure my copy went home with me.  I did end up lending it to one guide, who lent it to another guide, and I never saw the tape again.

Then this little invention called YouTube was brought to the world.  So
one day I decided to search for the short, and there it was.  Finally the world could see this great spoof that was underground for so long.

So keep the tradition alive and pass this story on to your friends.

What say you?

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