Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Your First Look At Disney's 'Newsies - The Musical'

Earlier this year we brought you the news that Disney's Newsies was being turned in to a stage musical.  With previews underway in at the Paper Mill Playhouse in New Jersey, we now have video of one of their numbers.  

The cast of Newsies  The Musical performed 'Seize The Day' on ABC's The View.  There is no way we were going to sit through an episode of The View, but luckily they have put the segment online.  Take the jump to watch.

It seemed like something that would be performed at one of the Disney parks.  (Maybe they can adapt it for AvatarLand.)  I'm going to assume that the stage production may be better, but this performance isn't making me purchase my tickets just yet.  We'll be able to judge it a little better once we can see full production numbers on their own stage.  

It will either become a monster hit due to the nostalgia, or we'll see it go the route of Tarzan - The Musical.  Yes, Tarzan was turned in to a musical.

To buy tickets to Newsies - The Musical, visit the Paper Mill Playhouse website.

What say you?

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  1. I'm going to reserve judgement, only because they're trying to do something that likely uses an entire street set and smoosh it onto the tiny View stage.

    Actually the thing that makes me not so excited is the music- it sounds like they only brought 4 people along with them instead of trying to have canned music, and it really upped the cheese factor. But again, guess I'll have to try to see it before I can make any real judgement.