Sunday, September 11, 2011

Would You Like To Hear Ricky Gervais Give A Live Golden Globe's Commentary Online?

When Ricky Gervais hosted the Golden Globes's last year, he revealed something Hollywood tries to keep secret.  Many celebrities and studio hanger-on's do not have a sense of humor.  Many, who want to make sure they will still get the exclusive interviews from studios, criticized Ricky for his performance.  Then there was everyone else who thought that he was fantastic.  

While there is some confusion as to whether or not Ricky will be back to host, Mr. Gervais has come up with an alternative should that not happen.  He is proposing doing a live Golden Globe's commentary online during the broadcast.  That's not where it ends.  Here it is straight from him.

What do you think of this?

A live 3 hour podcast during The Golden Globes. Me and a few chums (like Louis CK, Chris Rock, Karl Pilkington, John Stewart, Larry David popping in and out) doing our own alternative commentary.

People at home can have the telly on with the sound down listening to us online say things that no broadcaster could get away with.

No one could do a fucking thing.

The biggest live webcast ever? Who knows? Who cares? What's fun is the shit we might come out with. No money. No sponsor. No guide lines. Fuck me I can't wait.

Since he came up with that idea, he's had quite a response and gave some more information about the possibility.

Wow. I've opened a can of worms. Or Pandora's box. Or released the Kraken maybe?

I've had an amazing response to yesterday's blog entry. Not only was the idea received well, but we've had offers of sponsorship, technical support and a bunch of comedians up for it.

I don't want people to think that this is some sort of anti-establishment stunt. It's not. Anymore than deciding to do a podcast in 2005 was. It's about new horizons, new technologies and artistic freedom. 

Fun basically. Although, if I actually do it, it will show people how tame my official hosting was last year. I still can't quite understand how anyone would think I overstepped the mark, was cruel, or pushed any boundaries of taste and decency. It was a network friendly gentle ribbing of the industry. Nothing more. I didn't even dress as Hitler in the end.

Anyway. I'm looking into it. Might not happen. I might not even be available. Who knows, I might be at The Golden Globes. (awkward silence. 

) The funny thing is, everyone who tunes in to the live webcast will also have to be watching the actual show on NBC. I could still be helping their ratings. Ha ha. I hadn't thought this through. Maybe they should sponsor me? (awkward silence... slightly longer than the last one... slowly fade to black.)

Just the idea of this possibly happening has me incredibly excited.  How often are we all sitting around watching these shows with friends and speaking our minds about it?  Now to have some of the funniest people in comedy do it for everone to hear?  GENIUS I SAY!!  We'll keep you updated once he reveals more information about this.

What say you?

*Updated to correctly say Golden Globes, not the Emmys.  This is why drinking and writing is bad.  Not that I do that. sigh

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  1. Your first link should read "When Ricky Gervais hosted the Golden Globes last year, he revealed something Hollywood tries to keep secret."

    It says Emmys.

  2. I won't be tuning in. A few jabs at the celebrities is fine, but he was just plain mean. This world is harsh & cruel as it is. When I tune into an awards show it's to escape from the "real" world. I don't want to hear a bully say mean things under the pretense of entertaining

  3. Joe - You are correct and we have made the changes. Thanks for pointing it out. *hangs head in shame*