Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Universal Prepping 'Scarface' For A Reboot

Deadline is reporting that Universal Studios is looking to make a new version of Scarface.  It will not be a remake, or sequel, to the 1983 movie.  This will take the basic plot ideas and create a new movie...that also happens to be about a guy name Tony who rises to top of the crime world.  

According to the story Universal is already looking at writers for the movie.  You can look for the new Tony to possibly have a new ethnicity and be located in a new city.

At this point it doesn't surprise me when any studio announces a reboot - and that's what this is, really - so I'm not shocked at this news.  It does surprise me that Universal thinks a movie with a gangster protagonist will succeed today.  

While the 1983 Scarface with Al Pacino as Tony Montana is an iconic version, I don't know how a gangster movie today will play out.  With real cartel gang wars being fought on CNN, movie audiences may not want to see that lifestyle glamorized today.  Perhaps we'll end up getting a new Tony that takes over Wall Street or Washington politics.  

All I know is that the complaining should start right

What say you?

POPped being the bad guy
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Source: Deadline

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