Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Thief Steals Superman Collectibles From Mentally Disabled Man

In St. Louis a man by the name of Mike Meyer is as huge a fan of Superman as they come.  He bought his first Superman comic in 1974, and has kept collecting.  Since the age of 23 he has been in Social Security for a mental disability.  He also worked at a Hardee's in 1991, which is where he met someone named Gary.  

Gary robbed Mike recently of many of his prized Superman possessions.

Meyer told stltoday.com, "A lot of that was sentimental, and he stole that from me," Meyer said. "He invaded my privacy, and he took away my peace of mind."

He had 1,800 of his Superman comics stolen.  Some of them being from the 1950's.  He also lost lunch boxes, an old-time radio, a Monopoly game and a TV.  A friend of Meyer's values what was taken at, "$4,000 - $5,000."

According to the story, here is how it all happened.

Meyer said mostly only his friends and family knew of his collection, but he also made the mistake once of telling someone less trustworthy: a guy named Gary whom he worked with at the Hardee's on Madison Avenue in 1991.
Meyer said he ran into Gary recently while at Kyle's Baseball Cards and Comics in Granite City. Gary asked Meyer whether he still collected Superman items and asked to see the collection. Meyer first gave an excuse, but then Gary called him later saying he was in the neighborhood and hoped to stop by.
"He just kept talking like a salesman," Meyer said. "He wouldn't take no for an answer."
Meyer said he let Gary into the house that day and gave him a quick tour. Gary asked to see "my most precious comics," Meyer said.
The next night, Gary was back again, asking whether Meyer would let Gary's girlfriend watch some of his Superman movies. Meyer said while he and the girlfriend watched, Gary disappeared for a while.
Meyer noticed the theft two days later, on the morning of Aug. 24, and called police. All he knows is that Gary has dark hair, a goatee, is about 35 and drives a silver or gray car.

It sounds like this Gary guy had help, and is probably looking to unload this stuff quick.  If you are in the St. Louis area and you deal in memorabilia, please keep your eyes out for any of this.  Make sure to pass this on to your friends as well.  My guess is that he's not a criminal mastermind, so it will be him and his friends trying to sell the stuff.    Hopefully, via Nerd Power, Gary and his pals will be caught soon.

Thank you very much to NewsaRama for bringing this story to our attention.

What say you?

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