Monday, September 12, 2011

"!" - 'Point Break' Is Getting A Reboot

The choices Hollywood studios make just weirder and weirder.  The news just broke that a Point Break remake is now in the works.  It's coming from Alcon Entertainment, who are also planning a new Blade Runner movie as well.  

Salt screenwriter Kurt Wimmer has penned the new script with no director attached to the project yet.  According to EW, Alcon is trying to get this going very quickly.  Expect news soon on a director and which MTV/CW actors are being considered for the roles of Bodhi and Johnny Utah. Alcon Entertainment says that we can expect new twists to the movie.  

Ooooh.  I guess they'll be snowboarding and doing parkour this time around.  

What more is there to say?

What say you?

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