Monday, September 12, 2011

'Book of Mormon' News - Tour Starting Early and There May Be A Movie

Since The Book of Mormon held its first preview performance earlier this year, the show has been one of the biggest Broadway success stories since Wicked.  From all around incredible reviews (read ours here) to sold out performances week after week, The Book of Mormon will be around for quite a while.  It turned South Park creators, and geek favorites, Trey Parker and Matt Stone in to Tony Awards winners. 

However there are people that are unable to make it to New York to catch the show.  Well we have news for you.

First up is news about the touring production.  It was to start in December of 2012 is Denver, however that date has been moved up.  The Book of Mormon tour will now start August 14th at Denver's Ellie Caulkins Opera House instead of the Buell Theatre.  More tour dates will be coming out over the next couple of weeks and we'll update them here, so bookmark this page.  

Today news also came out that there will also be up a resident show set up in Chicago that will open in December of 2012.  With that news, I wouldn't be surprised to hear news sometime soon of a Los Angeles or San Francisco production.    

That's not all.

Today, Entertainment Weekly revealed that Trey and Matt want to make a movie version of The Book of Mormon.  Hold your excitement, or disdain, because it's not happening for a while.  Trey Parker told EW, "Hopefully it will have a big run and big tour and then we can do the movie in several years."  My guess would be that we won't hear news about the movie version until sometime in late 2013.  By this point the show will have been on tour for a while and they'll see how strong the Broadway run is sustaining.

So get ready for a 'Spooky Mormon Hell Dream' around the country, The Book of Mormon is coming your way.

If you have not heard the soundtrack, and don't have sensitive ears, you can listen to it for free on The Book of Mormon Facebook page.

What say you?

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Source: Playbill, EW

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