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True Blood Season 4 Epi. 10 Recap: Dissension Among the Ranks

SPOILER ALERT!!! DO NOT READ if you haven't seen last night's True Blood!!!

True Blood is hurtling into it's Season 4 finale, and the vampire-witch war is sweeping everyone up in it's wake.

One of the things I love about True Blood is how it picks up exactly where it left off, so we begin in the middle of the battle- Zombie-Eric vs. King Bill.  Just as I started hoping they would tear each other’s shirts off, Sookie has to come in and get all faerie powered and break it up. And boy does she, as she breaks the 2 boys apart as well as breaking Marntonia’s (Marnie + Antonia) spell on Eric. His memories come flooding back, ALL of them, and Sookie knows it and instantly regrets putting on the heart covered hoodie before stepping out this evening.

Sookie’s display of power seriously shakes up Marntonia, and we see the Atonia side have an attack of conscience as she observes a daughter mourning her fallen mother. Both witch and vamp sides retreat and begin to argue amongst themselves.

In the meantime, Eric and Sookie are catching up on the couch, which unfortunately doesn’t mean having wild animalistic sex. This time it is strained, Sookie is obviously unsure and perhaps a little frightened now that “old Eric” is back. Eric assures her that he remembers everything, (perhaps he can explain the bed in the snow) and that he loves her(sigh). Sookie admits that the thought of a world without Bill is what ultimately drove her to stop them from fighting, and that she still loves Bill, she loves both of them.  Eric asks how that is possible (he clearly hasn’t seen The Bachelor).  Pam comes rushing to her maker’s side, thrilled to have him back, but stunned and miffed that she clearly isn’t the # 1 woman in Eric’s life right now. Love Pam !!

Probably the most interesting story development happened back at Moon Goddess Emporium, was the reveal that it is Marnie, not Antonia who is truly in charge, and leading the march to destroy the vampires.

We re-visit a couple of the side stories, as Terry takes Andy out to Fort Bellefleur for a detox/shootout/wrestle, and Tommy meets a sad end (though I kind of hope not, I really like Tommy), finally getting the attention he so craved from his brother back at Merlottes. His death spurs Sam and Alcide to embark on a vengeance buddy trip to Wolf town!

The rest of the episode is all build up to the next big witch/vamp battle:

·         Jesus decides to attempt a Marnie/Antonia soul split, uses his demon-head magic to break through the witch wall, but then discovers, much to his dismay, that Marnie is very much in control.

·         Tara and Holly concoct a spell of their own to break out , manage to do it, but at the last second, as they run out and Sookie, Jason and Lafayette run towards them, Marntonia captures the whole lot of them, and they disappear.

·         And finally, we get the final shot, slow-mo (reserved only for vampires in bad-ass mode) as Bill, Eric, Jessica and Pam step out of the van dressed in black, Jessica holding a rocket launcher(lol) and head towards Moon Goddess. Credits.

So far, I ‘ve really enjoyed this season, aside from a few boring side stories, the action has been at a maximum, I’ve love the direction of the Eric/Sookie/Bill triangle, and each character is getting their time in the spotlight. Scott Foley is making an appearance in one of the last episodes as an old friend of Terry’s, so I have a feeling he will help stir things up right till the end. This season has kept things bloody, sexy, violent, dramatic and well steeped in the steamy fantasy world I look forward to visiting every Sunday. Sadly, only 2 more episodes left, however then I move from Bon Temps to Mystic Falls for the remainder of the year.

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