Thursday, August 25, 2011

Take A Look At CGI Yoda From 'The Phantom Menace'

With the entire Star Wars trilogy is hitting Blu-Ray in just a few weeks, fans around the world are trying to wait patiently for it.  There are others who have been ticked off this past week after learning that more changes were made to the films.  This time around there has been a lot of color correction, and even picture corrections made. 

The real noise this week has been from fans learning that the puppet Yoda in The Phantom Menace has been replaced with  a CGI Yoda.  Much of the complaining has come from fans who swore they would never watch the prequels again, yet were the first to pre-purchase the entire Blu-Ray set.

Take the jump to watch both the puppet and CGI version.

Here's my take on this.  I never thought the puppet version of Yoda looked good in The Phantom Menace.  In trying to make Yoda appear a little younger he looked like a whole other character.  (Did you ever notice that he resembled the new Meg Ryan?)  Yes, I loved that they kept him a puppet, but I just didn't care for it.  So for me, this change doesn't bother me that much.  

I do feel your pain with the idea of more changes happening.  It's like that lion looking lady who's addicted to plastic surgery.  You keep telling her to stop it because close friends are starting to no longer recognize her, but she looks in the mirror and sees something else she could nip and tuck.  Perhaps it's time for us to send in Dr. Drew to talk to George.  

If you are really upset about this change, there is only one way to make your voice heard.  That's with your wallets.  Don't buy the discs and that will let them know that it was not a good idea to change it.  But you're like me and you can't help but buy them.  Why?  Because through it all, we love Star Wars.  


Maybe Dr. Drew should talk to us too.

What say you?

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  1. Honestly, as annoyed as I am that he can't stop tinkering (George, we all have to walk away from projects at some point in time) - I do think it's an appropriate change to make. If I remember right, he'd meant to have a CG Yoda, but didn't like the results. So they built a puppet that just didn't look right. From an aesthetic view, it's a replacement I can deal with.

    At least he isn't negating entire portions of plot again, or adding unnecessary scenes because they were shot.