Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sony Drops PS3 Cost And Reveals Value Model PSP

Alright frugal gamers, Sony has some news that doesn't involve people getting your personal information.  During their GamesCom presentation Sony revealed a couple of different things.  First up, the PS3 has had a price drop and is now available for $249 (160GB).  The price drop is effective immediately so go and get yourself a new PS3.

Don't worry handheld gaming dude persons.  Sony also revealed a value PSP system.

According to Sony:

While PSP E-1000 does not include Wi-Fi, it will still provides access to the full catalogue of PSP games either on UMD or from PlayStation Store via Media Go. The design is also slightly different, with a Charcoal Black finish – the same as on the slimmer PS3 model – to give more of a matte feel.

The PSP E-1000 will only be available in Europe and will retail for €99.99.  So if you're not in Europe, get yourself out there to pick one up.  If you do travel there for that, please let us know so that we can shake our heads in disbelief.  

What say you?

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  1. There's no need for me to purchase this since I am waiting for the release of their Vita.