Thursday, August 25, 2011

'Portal' Film Short Gives Hope To Video Game Movies

A short film called Portal: No Escape hit YouTube from director Dan Trachtenberg giving fans of the Portal video games a reason to scream.  It was a scream of sheer pleasure.  This hit the interwebs earlier, but we're a little behind on some postings.  I wish I cold tell you why we're behind, but that's a surprise for later. 

Take the jump watch Portal: No Escape.  Even if you're not a fan of the games, you'll love this short.

Dan Trachtenberg gives hope to the possibility of a good video game movie.  However, once it were to get in to the studio system we could expect a much more diluted version.  The meeting will go something like this:  

"You're short essay was great, but it needs to appeal to the kids.  What if we make it animated?  Or a hybrid animation and live action.  Like a juiced up Roger Rabbit.  Then when the girl is rescued by our hero, I'm picturing a younger Taylor Lautner, he leads her out of the building, instead of finding out they haven't escaped they discover that when they went through the Magic Doorways; I like that better than Portal, Portal is too science fiction and girls under 14 won't go to that; They find out that they've entered an animated world controlled by an animated evil genius voiced by Eddie Murphy." 

At least we have this version to love.

What say you?

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